Developer: SQLabs s.r.l.

Current Version: 1.0.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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SQLiteSync is a very powerful and easy to use application to compare, merge and keep in sync two sqlite databases and thanks to its underline technology it is able to visualize the differences between millions of rows in few milliseconds.

SQLiteSync smart visualization technology is also able to detect BLOB columns and very large TEXT columns and display all of them in a preview panel. SQLiteSync is able to apply differences in data, tables, indexes, trigger and views. Synchronization code can be applied directly to the databases or an optional SQL text script can be generated.

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Release Notes:

✓ Fixed a rare crash bug


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Version 1.0.2
Review by k reviewer

Good, but not great - So promising. All the pieces are there - it's fast and it does diffs just like I wanted. (Just like the screen shots). Problem is, while it's technically automated, it feels very manual. EX: When a table has differences, the differences are at the bottom of the detail view so you need to scroll to see them. The differences are the interesting part and they are at the bottom and require work to find. There is no indicator that show which tables have differences and which don't (icon isn't colored or anything). So I have to tap on each table… And then scroll to the bottom of their data (see above). When using the keyboard to navigate the tables, the selection changes but the detail view stays empty. So, if you want to see the contents of the table, you need to use the mouse. In conclusion, it's a great app that makes finding diffs easy but then it requires lots of work to find the differences. Hmmmm.

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