Developer: omnidea

Current Version: 2.11.8

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Rulers is an app that lets you measure, align and inspect everything on your monitor(s).

Rulers allows you to create as many rulers as you want on the entire screen area like most common graphic editors allow on their working areas only.

The guide lines enable you to measure and position objects with precision. Rulers is incredibly useful in many fields, such as computer graphics, desktop publishing and web design.

Rulers can also be used to select a screen area and take a screenshot that is automatically saved to your desktop or copied to system clipboard.

See it in action here:


• Unlimited rulers creation
• Rulers autosave option
• Grid generator
• Multiple units of measurement support
• Multi monitor support
• Take a screenshot of selected area or whole screen
• Magnifier
• Color picker
• Available in 10 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Hungarian, Dutch, Russian, Czech)


Release Notes:

More reliable color measurement on latest OS X versions.

Minor enhancements and bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.11.4
Review by Abanjo64

Smart functions - As a software developer, I often need ways to measure distances of the visually layed out items in a window. This app makes this task easier than ever before. I had to read thru the introduction for 5 minutes and then I could get my measuring work done effortless. What more can I expect from this beautifully made one-trick pony? It's important to use the shortcuts, such as Cmd-I and Cmd-K. The latter one is especially useful to me: It finds the edges of the layed out items automatically, sparing me even from having to meticulously move the mouse pixel by pixel to hit the right spots. The english translation could need some work, but that doesn't hurt the great functionality of this tool. And a hint to the reviewer complaining about wanting to drag a box: Simply use OSX's own Screen Copy operation for this: Point the mouse at the start of your planned rectangle and press Cmd-Shift-4. Then move the mouse and you'll see the size as you like. To exit, press the Esc key. I used the same technique before I found Rulers, but this app has features that make my job much quicker now.

Found helpful by 14 out of 17 people
Version 2.11.4
Review by jstu86

Very poor UI, buggy, limited functionality, save your money! - You get what you pay for. This app is very cheap but is, honesty, useless in actual practice. I am a web designer so measuring relative spacing is a common affair, and this app doesn't cut it compared with competitors. Not even in the same ballpark. For instance, the guidelines can only be grabbed and moved by having your mouse on the EXACT pixel they are drawn on. This theme continues in that there is NO snapping ANYWHERE. So I hope you are very accurate with your mouse, down to the pixel :-) The app is very short on actual features, and, by my account, HALF of the functionality that is supposed to work is broken (keyboard shortcuts, doesn't highlight "active" segment, can't drag guidlines out from the ruler). Don't waste your time, it's not even a beginner vs expert thing, this app is just plain useless.

Found helpful by 31 out of 40 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.11.8
Review by behind the mask

Wow... Best. Rulers. Ever. - This is exactly what I was looking for! I'm always fiddling with images and needing to measure or preisely align elements, etc. I've sometimes done silly things like opening a blank TextEdit document, just so I had a "straight edge" I could use on-screen. I suspect the less-than-stellar reviews come from two camps: (a) People who refuse to take a few minutes to learn how the app works; and (b) People who refuse to take a few minutes to learn how the app works. One reviewer goes on and on about how he "can see not cursor." [sic] You don't need a cursor! This app works differently! After you launch it, you switch to your other app and use *its* cursor! People, learn to READ how something works — instead of just guessing, then giving a 1-star review because you couldn't figure it out. (Unbelievable.) I get it: We're spoiled, because many apps, these days, are self-explanatory. But this one one works a bit differently (and I'll admit, not exactly intuitively), so you first have to learn the ropes. But once you get the hang of it, it ROCKS… Between the QuickTime movie and the help docs, I was up and running in 10-12 mins. (The horror!) A few improvements are needed: • The ability to save ruler settings as files that can be reopened later. • The ability to select multiple lines (perpendicular or parallel), so they can be shifted in tandem with the arrow keys. • The option to reverse the readout to "width x height" (instead of "height x width"). • The ability to permanently disable the (annoying) live preview in the dock. I'm still exploring, so it's possible some of those items are already present. But "right out of the box," this app saved me a good hour of fiddling, the first time I used it. 5 stars. (And I *never* give 5 stars.) :-)

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 2.11.8
Review by iplayitofflegit

I have used Rulers for 2 years and enjoyed the experience - Rulers has proven indispencible while styling web sites in browser as a Front End Developer. The app especially helps when I can sit with a designer and show them how acurate the styles are or explain why the element has to be fluid in a responsive site and then make tweaks to padding. I can clearly illustrate the change with an accurate measurement. The app is familiar to Photoshop guides, which is nice. I like the look of the app a lot, simple and intuitive. I wish you could save preset guides. If the app had this feature it would get 5 stars from me. I often have to delete the guides and reposition for another task. I want to be able to make presets. The only bug I’ve noticed is after you connect to multiple monitors, if you’ve already hidden the rulers they come back, making you have to hide them again. A small gripe for such an awesome app.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 2.11.8
Review by scorcher14

Not what I needed - It’s always tough to be required to purchase an application before you can try it. What I want to do is simple: find the pixel distance between 2 points. I’ve read the help, and I can’t do it without pulling out a calculator and doing the math. The guides and rulers are great, but to measure the distance I need to do that part on my own. I’m sure others will say I didn’t read the documentation or something, but I did and if the feature is there it simply is not obvious. Bascially, I want to select a region know it’s size, simple as that, and I was not able to do it after 30 minutes of trying, so I figure I just wasted 5 bucks. EDIT Finally figured out that if you hover the mouse over a segment of a guideline, it will highlight red and show you the length of that segment. Added a star to review.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 2.11.8
Review by Loyola Graphics

Extremely useful tool for text layout - We have been using Rulers in graphic / print / web layout since 2009 or so on a nearly daily basis. It helps to maintain quality and speeds up production at the same time. Rulers was very good before, the 2.11 version is even better/does more. It is especially useful in book pages->spreads and forms. In reference to Mervich's complaint, in version 2.11 (OS X 10.9) has a blue cursor on gray backgrounds.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 2.11.8
Review by Mervich

Rulers: The Good and The Bad - Great little, easy to use app that I have found handy in many graphic and design situations. Does an excellent job, is accurate and is flexible with different settings in preferences. There are annoyances that need to be addressed, though. The app’s cursor is a small crosshair that does an OK job of changing to white on a dark background and black on a lighter or white background. The issue is when the cursor is on a grey background, it apparently turns grey…it disappears. There are a number of graphic apps that have a grey workspace or background (some versions of Photoshop). This is VERY annoying. I would suggest a crosshair like that of Apple’s Preview that is black with a one pixel, white outline. Another major annoyance is a program’s (i.e. Photoshop) cursor unexpected grabbing and moving a line (when passing over the line) when the keyboard shift key is held down during mouse movements AND the unexpected removal of a line (when passing over the line) when the keyboard option key is held down during mouse movements. These key-mouse combinations are used frequently when making adjustments to a selected area in Photoshop. I can find no documentation of these key combinations in Rulers, so all I can assume is that they are simply screw-ups in the app’s coding. Finally, when Rulers is active but hidden, the Dock icon is an ugly, distracting, magnified blob of wherever the cursor is pointing…and not necessarily in real time. Can we just have the Rulers icon? I use Rulers, but it does cause me to have many “pointed” discussions with my iMac!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people