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Developer: Enrico Szonn

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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New Price, Instead Of 9,99!
A Tool that will help you to win!
Made In Germany

Tutorials: How to learn, practise, play and win..
Betlist: What you should bet.
Betlist Configuration: Fit the betlist to the table-min-bet.
System Configuration: You can fit the algorithm.
Help-Display: Shows you when and where you should bet.


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Version 1.0
Review by The_Eck

Don't bet on this! - All other things being equal*, roulette is purely a game of chance. Each time the ball is released, nothing in the past can determine the chances of where it will land on any particular play. Betting the same position for every play will over time result in a loss. Sure, you might win on the first play or the tenth play, but over time you will lose. There are no percentages of winning based on previous play. Absolutely none. There is no determinism at work on a roulette game, so keeping track of numbers is a total waste of time. The ball will hit the same number about 26 times for every 1000 spins. That means if you bet a dollar on any particular number, after 1000 spins you'd have laid out $1000 and won a total of $910. Not a huge loss for sure, but certainly not a win. And who among us bets the same number play after play after play? This app should not be marketed as anything but "Entertainment" and marked "Not intended to be financial advice." * Yes, wheels are known to have a bias tilt, usually unintentional, that will result in a certain range of numbers to come up more often, but casinos are constantly monitoring and correcting bias tilt. That still doesn't change the basic premise that past spins cannont and will not affect the current spin. Oh, by the way, the layout is all in German.

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