Resistance Bands Master Class

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This collection of 219 Resistance Band Video Workouts are suitable for both men and women. Resistance bands are so simple and convenient to use - but best of all is they are a very effective tool in your fitness programme.

App features:
** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes.
** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group.
** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating
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Tutorial videos include:
Figure 8 Resistance Band Leg Curls
Chris Freytag Figure 8 Band Lower Body Workout
Harbinger PowerAmp 8 Romanian Deadlift By Paradise Nutrition Inc
Harbinger PowerAmp 8 Seated Row
Harbinger PowerAmp 8 Kneeling Hip Extension
Harbinger PowerAmp 8 Stationary Reverse Lunge
Leg Extension With a Figure 8 Tube Simple Workout Tips
Body Sculpt Figure 8 Tube
Sculpt A Beautiful Backside with 3 Simple Moves
10 Minute Solution Sculpt Tone Reshape
10-Minute Travel Resistance Band Workout Full-Body Workout Class FitSugar
How to do a Perfect Push Up Best Exercise Ever Herbalife Fit Tips
Full Bodyweight and Core Workout w a Wall Part 1 Natalie Jill
How to do and Progress Your Pushup Natalie Jill
Dyna-Band Workout
Lower Body Resistance Workout Hips Thighs Butt- Denise Austin
Denise Austin Integrated Pilates Workout- Upper and Lower Body
Tracey Mallett Firm Butt Workout Phase 1- Lose The Belly Flab
10 Minute Real-Time Resistance Band Workout - Do It Anywhere
Top 10 Resistance Band Exercises
Resistance Band Workout with Bob Harper
RESISTANCE BAND WORKOUT Samantha Claytons Body Blast Herbalife Fit Tips
10 Minute Real-time Resistance Band Bodyweight total body workout
Resistance Band Training Circuit
10-Minute Resistance Band Workout
Bodylastics Women Bodylastics Full Body Resistance Band Exercises
Complete Workout with Resistance Band
Resistance Band Training The Art of Manliness
Resistance Bands Tips
30 min Total Body Resistant Band Workout
Full Body Resistance Band Workout - 20 Moves to Slim You Down Tone You Up
Total-Body Sculpting Resistance Band Workout for Beginners
Total Body Sculpting Workout with Resistance Band
40 min Beginner Full Body Muscle Building Workout
Killer Resistance Band Exercises To Burn Up Your Fat
Bicep Tricep Super Set Workout - Resistance Band Exercises
Cardio Bootcamp Workout With Resistance Band Class FitSugar
10-Minute Hot For Holidays Workout Class FitSugar
Top 8 Full Body Resistance Band Workout
Top 20 Resistance Bands Exercises for Toning
Tension Band Workout - Training Video for Women on Toning Your Muscle Definition
Top 9 Exercises to Improve Core and Posture
Top 5 Resistance Band Cardio Exercises
Top 5 Resistance Band Back Exercises
13 Favorite Resistance Band Exercises
Top 25 Exercises Using Resistance Bands
Resistance Band Package from Moses Fitness
3 Core Exercises for the Abs and Obliques
5 Minute Resistance Band Routine
Ab and Core Exercises with Resistance Bands
Advanced Shoulder Lateral Raise with a Resistance Band
Chest Exercises Using a Resistance Band
The 10 Best Resistance Band strength Exercises for beginners
Sexy Arms Workout - At Home Resistance Band Workout for the Upper Body - Exercise Band Training
Exercise Fitness Free Full Length Total Body Sculpting Resistance Band Workout
Max Wettstein Resistance Band Training
Upside-Down Pilates - Resistance Band - Lesson 56 - Full 30 Minute Pilates Workout - HD
Short Full-Body Workout w Resistance Bands Natalie Jill
25 Minute Resistance Band Workout
Resistance Band Full Body Toning Workout by AndreFit77 STYLEmeFIT
Denise Austin Upper Body Resistance Workout- Arms Chest Shoulders
FREE Resistance Band Arms Workout - Upper Body band and weights BARLATES BODY BLITZ

and more.