Renamer - Batch rename many files, folders and file extensions at the speed of light

Developer: Incredible Bee Ltd.

Current Version: 4.4.1

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 3.3 MB - Download


If you've ever tried to rename a large number of files by hand and thought 'there must be an easier way' or your camera gave you ugly IMG_ photo names, then Renamer is for you.

With Renamer you can batch rename thousands of files in just a few seconds. Rename tasks include replacing text in filenames, numbering a sequence of files, changing file extensions and converting between cases.

And for power users Renamer has some handy time savers in store: save rename tasks for later use and build complex rename tasks with chains.

Features in a nutshell:

* Search and replace for text in filenames
* Insert, overwrite and remove characters from filenames
* Number files
* Insert the Exif date and time when a digital photo was taken into filenames
* Insert the file creation and last modified dates into filenames
* Convert between upper-, lower- and mixed case
* Group rename task into chains
* Randomly rename files


Release Notes:

This update fixes bugs. It's recommended that all users update.

The changes in detail:

* Fix: Extra, renamer-reverting action added to undo stack when renaming
* Fix: Undo-related crash when renaming


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.3.3
Review by Iquittoo

Amazing, I rate it 10 stars - Simply amazing. This program can rename anything to anything. You can insert, overwrite or remove characters at any position. You can add numbers like 01 before or after the filename. Convert Case will convert to all upper case, all lower case or first letter upper case. You can change the date or get the EXIF date. You can chain several of these features together to do all your renaming in one step. Great for presets. But the real power of this Renamer is in the Find & Replace feature. You can do simple find and replace but using Regular Expressions makes this a “Super” Renamer. Example: you have 500 client files with (last name, first name) and you want to swap places and make the filename (first name last name). You use a Regular Expression (.*), (.*) in the Find box and in the Replace box you use another Regular Expression $2 $1. The first (.*), finds the last name and is the first reference ($1). The second (.*) finds the first name and is reference $2. If you need to repeat this many times, save a preset. The developers website has a short tutorial on Regular Expressions.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.4.1
Review by Ice Block Films

Does What It Says Once (Maybe Sometimes)… Then crashes - Worked great with the Mavericks. Does nothing but crash with El Capitan. Not worth ten cents until it’s fixed. ProTip: Google “Automator file rename mac” for instructions on how to rebuild the core functionality of this software for free. I’d feel bad about the plug, but there is no core functionality to this app since the El Capitan upgrade.

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