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The award-winning mini player that allows you to see and control your music. Simplify shows you what‘s currently playing in your favourite music app whether it's a desktop or even a web-based player. Control the player without leaving your cur

Disco Dancer makes it easy to scrobble on the music you listen to on iTunes, Spotify, Rdio and also SoundCloud! No fancy player features, Disco Dancer does one job and does it perfectly: scrobble your music to, making sure that you ne

Finely Tuned lets you enjoy your music more, by taking away some of the small, everyday frustrations that come with playing music. • Multiple players supported The app works with iTunes™, Rdio™, Spotify™ or Deezer™. Us

MiniPlay shows you what's currently playing in your favorite music app. There's no more need to switch between Spotify and iTunes. Get all these features with mini, but powerful app: – Control music app playback and adjust sound volume –

iTunes is a player by default on Mac and many prefer to use it for listening music. If you one of those who uses iTunes to listen to music, you can be interested in simpler way of management in it, doing thus other things on your Mac. Yes, you can

iTunes is the default music player for Mac, and a lot of people prefer it for just this purpose. Cockatoo will take the hassle out of managing your music collection. The application has a modern and user-friendly interface, low system requirements, a

Equilibrium gives you quick, easy access to music controls from your menu bar, desktop and keyboard. You can pause, skip, scrub and rate tracks without unhiding your music player. Support for controlling these OS X music players (requires player to

Full Screen Music provides a full screen mode for Spotify. It displays artist and track name for the current song. It also provides simple controls and keybindings to play/pause, switch track and change volume. It is perfect to run on parties, events

Shuffle smartly and stay in control with Altunenator. Altunenator ensures that when you’re playing media in iTunes, you don’t hear the same tracks over and over again, day after day. Altunenator can automatically, and dynamically, adjust

Now Playing Pro is a beautiful productivity app that changes the way you listen and share music. Features: 1. Control your iTunes with a Popup Window on Menu Bar. 1.1. Play/Pause, toggle Previous/Next track. 1.2. Volume control. 1.3. Rating your tr

"If less is more and small is beautiful, then Muzzy for your Mac is the most wonderful iTunes utility that money cannot buy." - Mac360 "Muzzy screams the polish users would expect from large development teams at Apple or other software makers." - Mi

Do you like music?. Do you use YouTube to listen to music?. Have you got Youtube playlists? ¡You Need Miniplayer for Youtube! When you use Miniplayer for Youtube, you choose if you only hear or want to see the video. Miniplayer for Youtube let

Simplayfy is the easiest way to control, display notifications, discover music and perform searches in iTunes. Stop switching windows to control your music using the status bar Simplayfy mean features: * iTunes Control: - source info (library

Simply enter your username, click a button and let Loved Tracks Importer work it's magic! Take your Loved Tracks playlist and import to iTunes or Spotify. ** Note that for iTunes integration you must have the tracks already existin

Musicbox is a full-featured Pandora client that streams Pandora Radio right from the menu bar. Create and edit stations, scrobble to, use your keyboard's media keys, match songs in your iTunes library and more. Works with free and paid accoun

SmashTunes is a very nice menu bar item that lets you control iTunes as well as Spotify. It displays information about the currently playing song as well and can also display artwork. SmashTunes also makes your media keys work with iTunes and Spotif

Have a rock solid performance with this powerful yet streamlined system for live mixing! Build playlists with ease and visually sync waveforms with multitouch gestures. Play and preview tracks via AirPlay, Bluetooth headphones, or USB audio interface

Skip Tunes is a simple Mac app that allows you to easily control iTunes and Spotify from your Menu Bar. Features: - Control iTunes and Spotify from your menu bar - Display OS X Notifications - Adjust Volume Controls - Share to Facebook & Twitter - S

Reconnect with your music collection by displaying beautifully rendered album artwork on your desktop. Integrated with iTunes, Spotify and Rdio MiniTune renders the artwork as a CD, Vinyl or Photo, where you want it, scaled to your desktop. With ea

Listen to radio with Instaradio – the app thousands of people rely on for their daily listening. - See what's playing: view info about the music and radio program, along with album art - Add your own URLs as radio stations - Record playback -