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Developer: iLBSoft

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Relax Melodies Premium is now available for your Mac with 8 new exclusive sounds!
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Relax Melodies is the leader in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance. No more insomnia for you! Tension is a thing of the past at any moment! Just custom mix your favorite high quality sounds from a selection of 102, then slip naturally into a relaxed state or a deep, rejuvenating sleep. Join 6,000,000 relaxed users for the ultimate and easiest relaxation experience!


✓ 102 High quality ambient sounds, including 6 binaural beats frequencies for brainwave entrainment.
✓ Mix your favorite sounds together with different volume to create your own personal melodies and get infinite possibilities!
✓ High quality Retina graphics!
✓ Include 9 off the shelf favorites for easy startup
✓ Create, Save, Name, Sort and Replay your favorites easily
✓ Multiple Alarms & Timers system. Use your own favorite as alarm to wake up slowly.


♬ River Ocean ♬ Winds ♬ Flute ♬ Rain ♬ Birds ♬ Music Box ♬ Lounge ♬ Piano ♬ Orchestral ♬ Waterfall ♬ Thunder ♬ Zen ♬ Campfire ♬ Melody ♬ Night ♬ Brown Noise ♬ Pink Noise ♬ White Noise ♬ Heart Beat ♬ Astral ♬ Fountain ♬ Train ♬ Tribal ♬ India ♬ Urban Rain ♬ Cavern ♬ Wind Chimes ♬ Sailing ♬ Voices ♬ Watching ♬ Bass Music ♬ Cold Rattle ♬ Chirp ♬ Drum ♬ Storm ♬ Flute ♬ Choir ♬ Sunny Day ♬ Guitar ♬ Dramatic ♬ Butterfly ♬ Medieval ♬ Earth Drama ♬ Dreams ♬ Wind Surge ♬ Forest ♬ Abstract ♬ Spring ♬ Toskana ♬ City ♬ Sprinkler ♬ Slow Waves ♬ Light Rain ♬ Heavy Rain ♬ Rainy Day ♬ Whales ♬ Seagulls ♬ Afternoon ♬ Rainstorm ♬ Underwater ♬ Whales 2 ♬ Immersed ♬ Seaside ♬ Icy Snow ♬ Forest Rain ♬ Rain on Roof ♬ Duduk ♬ Playground ♬ Owls ♬ Humming ♬ Grandfather Clock ♬ Cat Purring ♬ BaliMist ♬ Frogs ♬ Dryer ♬ Thunder Storm ♬ City Ambiance ♬ Indian Drums ♬ Pachelbel Canon ♬ Wolf ♬ FogHorn ♬ Vacuum ♬ Loon ♬ Keyboard ♬ MonkChant ♬ Oscillating Fan ♬ Womb ♬ Singing Bowl ♬ Jupiter ♬ Cicadas ♬ Wind in Trees ♬ Peepers ♬ Rustling Leaves ♬ Crowd ♬ Rain on Tent


"you’ll find it’s easy to drift off to sleep with Relax working away in the background, emulating nature as you catch some Zs" —

"When you want to transport yourself away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, even for a few minutes, would you prefer to hear the sound of ocean waves, or perhaps rain?" —

Get the most personalized relaxation experience it’s possible to have. With just a few taps, you can create the exact sound that resonates perfectly with you. With ambient and binaural selections, you can choose whether to simply relax or tell your brain that’s time for sleep. It can even help your baby to fall asleep faster!


Download it now and become one of the relaxed users of Relax Melodies. You’re going to love how it will help you relax, meditate and sleep.


Release Notes:

What's new in 2.0:

- 10 new sounds, including 8 exclusives
- Sound loops correction
- 9 new alarm sounds
- Improved graphics
- Translation in 5 new languages
- Bug fixes

Positives reviews and feedback help us keeping the updates for new features.

Don't hesitate to contact us in the web section for feedback, support or anything you need!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0
Review by lawgeek2

Great for Studying - I use the concentration feature everyday while studying for law school. I was skeptical at first, but after using it I would strongly reccommend it to anyone who has difficulty concentrating because it really works. I also love all of the options for ambient sounds that really help to block out the extraneous noises while keeping me calm during times of high stress!! It is well worth the price!!

Found helpful by 13 out of 13 people
Version 2.0
Review by sophatbun

Youtube Problem - When i record this app sound and upload to youtube, It’s said Includes copyright content.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0
Review by Encryptiz

Create your own “soundtracks” for specific tasks/activities - Your first impression with this product might be that it’s a “hippy app”, but in reality, it’s a highly versatile app with real benefits. I’ve come to use specific sound combinations (I call them soundtracks) only when working specific tasks or activities. Over time, these soundtracks have become my personal “theme songs” that are only played when I’m doing a specific task or activity. For example, if I block out time to just read and return work emails, I always listen to a combination of sounds I call “mellow focus” which has a steady but gentle beat that is a good match for the repetitive nature of emailing. I added the 20Hz “concentration” binaural overlay sound (think subtle vibration sounds that are pseudo subconscious). They have other "binaural beats” with varying frequencies to condition the listener for relaxing, focusing, pre-sleep, meditation, etc.. The moment I turn on my “mellow focus” selection, it’s like a flip is switched in my brain and I’m ready to bang out some emails because that sound equals that task. As such, it’s a great tool to outwit procrastination…just turn on your task-specific sound and you feel like you’ve started. I have many other personal "sound tracks" I use for various activities/tasks/preparation for both work and personal. Just like a smell can bring back a strong memory or put you in a certain mood, these “soundtracks” put you right back to a particular mindset.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 2.0
Review by Cxmmsy

Lovin' it! - I used the free version for several weeks and liked it so much I sprang for the full paid version. This is a really well done app in all respects. I'm sure they will update frequently with new audio and binaural tracks. Get it and chill!

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 2.0
Review by Editrice

Great for writer/editor in open studio environment - I'm a writer/editor/strategist in an NYC-based marketing and branding firm. Our office is an open studio environment that helps graphic designers collaborate, but can leave content professionals struggling to concentrate. This app truly helps. The ability to layer diverse sounds is a true plus. Sometimes, I can pretend it's 20 years ago and I'm studying in my college laudromat. Other times, I can use more traditional nature sounds. Most commonly, I layer a cavern with a rainstorm and concentration binaural beats — and get a couple of hours of quality work done. I have this app on my iPad, as well as on my work laptop. It's useful.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 2.0
Review by OscelotH

Fantastic - ---Version 1--- Love this program. It helped put me in a more relaxed state than I have been in a long time. There are a few ways I think it could be improved on though: Sorting options. For instance, I'd like to be able to sort the music out from the sounds, sort all the rain together, etc etc. Also I'd like to be able to have a favorites page on the home screens, in addition to the *playlist* favorites currently in the app. I'd like to be able to mark single sounds as favorites so I can come back to the favorites page and use my favorite sounds to create a new playlist. With 90+ sounds to keep track of - not all of which I like - this would help immensely. One other idea is being able to adjust the frequency with which certain sounds show up. For instance, the wolf sound gets old very fast.. but if I could just intersperse it at certain intervals via a slider.. I'd also love it if the premium version pulled the favorites list from the free version, since I had a few playlists on the free one from last night, but that's a relatively minor thing. All in all though, an absolutely priceless app. Keep up the good work! --- Version 2 ----- Loving the new sound loops and the more slick alarm. The new "rain on tent" sound has become my latest favorite, and I play it almost every night while I go to sleep. Would still love to see some of my suggestions implemented, but even without it's a lovely program. Still very deserving of the original 5 star review I gave it for V1.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 2.0
Review by AddieEmmie

Wonderful! - I am very sensitive to sounds - both positively and negatively. I also HATE to do paperwork. This app is so fun and versatile! I put on the 'dryer' sound - you know - the sound of the motor and the thumping and clacking of tumbling clothes. Paperwork was done in no time! It was just what I needed to feel relaxed and yet attentive. I love the ability to 'layer' sounds. I like the sounds of water and there are quite a few different forms (fountain, waterfall, rain, shore, etc.). The variety is remarkable from 'white noise' to 'city sounds;' from 'frogs' to 'chanting monks.' I'd highly recommend this to anyone who needs something steady and calming in the background. My high anxiety levels drop when these are played. Try the binaural ones (use with headphones so you get a true stereo effect).You can sleep with it, relax, work, or read. I have the paid version and it was well worth the money. I'd give it a 5-star, but I don't like someone telling me to rate their app with a certain score. Why rate at all, then? But seriously, I consider this a 5-star app and use it a LOT.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people