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The aim of this project, realized by the Italian National Research Council, is to create a virtual environment from the scene “The Rule Confirmation”, painted by Giotto in the Upper Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi at the end of the XIII century. The scene has been represented in 3D, starting from an accurate study of Giotto’s space, characters, proportions and the models have been “mapped” using the original artist’s painting. Users can virtually enter into the Giotto’s fresco and mix with characters, assuming their particular point of view. The scene is brought to life: characters are animated and represented while performing the action painted by the artist, in this way the space illustrated by Giotto becomes a place of experience open to multi- sensorial narration and participation. The approach of the application is also descriptive and interpretative, focused on the spatial and perspective investigation of Giotto's fresco, in comparison with the 3d reconstruction. The primary objective of this experiment is to involve the observer in the scene painted by Giotto and to enable the visitor to feel and understand the message that Giotto was communicating.
The application has been presented within the exhibition “Giotto’s colors” opened to public from the 10th of April to the 5th of September 2010 in Assisi.

L'applicazione, curata dal CNR, è dedicata all'esplorazione virtuale della scena "La Conferma della Regola", affrescata da Giotto nella Basilica di S. Francesco di Assisi alla fine del XIII sec.
A partire dall'analisi spaziale dell'affresco è stato creato un modello 3D della scena, texturizzato con lo stessa pittura di Giotto. Lo spazio tridimensionale viene drammatizzato, i personaggi si animano, dialogano e la scena viene raccontata durante il suo svolgimento. L'utente esplora e penetra lo spazio virtuale fino a confondersi fra i personaggi rappresentati, assumendo il loro punto di vista.
Lo spazio raffigurato da Giotto diventa così un luogo esperibile, narrativo e di coinvolgimento multisensoriale. L'applicazione ha però anche un'impostazione descrittiva e didattica: Il diretto raffronto tra l'affresco e la sua resa tridimensionale consente anche di comprendere meglio la concezione spaziale di Giotto e la sua elaborazione prospettica, ancora lontana dalle regole scientifiche codificate nel Rinascimento. L'applicazione è stata presentata al pubblico in occasione della mostra "I colori di Giotto", Assisi aprile - settembre 2010.


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Version 1.0
Review by MoxieMaddie

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! - My brand new macbook pro was put through the ringer by this app. After opening the app, it immediately went fullscreen. I was then not able to escape, minimize, or quit the app. I could not shut down the app. I tried every route to get out of the app and they did not work. Finally I tried to shut down my computer and my computer would not shut down. I was stuck staring at the homepage of this app for ten minutes as I pressed the shutdown button about 15 times among other things. I was about to leave to go to the Apple store at the mall to get them to help me get rid of this ridiculous app that had taken control of my computer. Finally I was able to shut down and after I turned my laptop back on I tried to delete the app, and it would not let me delete it. I am an art enthusiast; this artist is one of my favorites so I was intrigued by the idea of being able to get inside of a painting and really study it. It is nowhere near being worth it for the trouble it gave me. I have never written a review, but felt compelled to write this to save anyone else that is considering this app from the frustration and panic that I experienced with this app.

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Version 1.0
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Disappointed - The English audio was not smooth; it skipped. There was no way to close the program; I had to turn off the computer.

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Version 1.0
Review by GwenWilliams

cool but i can - The info is neat but i can never close this...?

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