Developer: Wüger Software Development

Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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The RegexCoach is a tool to test regular expressions interactively.

RegexCoach contains:
• Highlighting the found search pattern
• Clear presentation of found groups
• Create example code from the regular expression and from the search pattern
• Show/Hide analyzed results
• Show/Hide a code example
• Predefined regular expressions
• Replace texts

If you've already given a review for a previous version and this update fixes or implements some missing features for you, I'd be glad if you'd update your review.


Release Notes:

• Added ability to use/save user defined regular expressions
• Remember the status of the views (visible/hidden)
• Added ability to configure the default settings and regular expression options
• Added a fully supported perl regular expression engine

The fully supported perl regular expression engine include but are not limited to:
• Recursion
• Lookbehind
• Directives
• Conditionals
• Atomic groups
• Named capture
• Comments


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by dohpaz42

Missing key feature - I love the interface, and the app itself is simple to use. There are two key features that I needed that unfortunately are not available in the app. The first is to be able to copy/paste my regular expressions into the app without having to modify it's syntax. A lot of my regular expressions use the ungreedy modifier (?), which is not supported. Additionally, I need to be able to use look-behind matching, which again the app does not support (it even says to see QTBUG-2371, which does me no good since I do not know how to get to their bug tracker).

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people