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★ The easiest and fastest way to test ANY Regular Expression, on your Mac. ★


✔ Live RegEx matching
✔ Complete RegEx Cheat Sheet Included!
✔ Ideal for Developers

Regular Expressions have never seemed so... easy! ;-)


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Version 1.2
Review by 87830

Pretty good, it was helpful in catching a problem, needs a couple tweaks - I really have to give the author(s) credit, this is a nice simple utility. As you add to the end of your regex, the shaded text in the main box shows how much of it matches the regex (or would be consumed by it) This is a nice v1.x My biggest complaint is to please allow RESIZING of the window and boxes. Currently you just get the one size window, and I'd think that would be easy to fix. I'd also like to be able to paste in a long regex that isn't working, and then have some type of "slider" in the regex so that you could start with just the front of the regex, and then enable more and more of the regex to see where it breaks. Of course the default should be the entire regex being active, so people can safely ignore the sliders and get the current behavior. I think this could be done without complicating the UI much. The workaround for now is to just copy and paste longer and longer portions of the your regex into the window, which is OK. Or keep pasting then entire thing, and then start by deleting most of it. Then the next time delete a bit less of it. Eventually you'll see where it breaks. It'd be nice to see groups that are matching. So if you use parenthesis to match smaller parts of the regex, it'd be nice to have some indication of this. Once idea would be an optional panel with numbered boxes that show the contents of each match group. I realize this would complicate things a bit. At a lower priority, there are some different dialects of regex syntax, it'd be nice to have an option. Also lower priority would be to have an option to color code different parts of the regex, and then color code the various parts of the text that match.

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