Reeder 3

Developer: Silvio Rizzi

Current Version: 3.0.3

Last Updated: 4 months ago

Download Size: 6.5 MB - Download


Reeder 3, a news reader with support for multiple services like
- Feedbin
- Feedly
- Feed Wrangler
- Fever
- FeedHQ
- Inoreader
- NewsBlur
- Minimal Reader
- The Old Reader
- BazQux Reader
- Instapaper.
Don't want to use a third-party service? Reeder also supports local/standalone RSS (no sync).

Other features:
- Themes
- Gestures
- Customizable shortuts

Sharing services:
- Safari Reading List
- Read
- Buffer
- Instapaper
- Pocket
- Evernote
- MarsEdit
- Pinboard
- Delicious
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Messages
- Mail
...and more via sharing extensions.


Release Notes:

What's new:
- Fixed: Alerts that couldn’t be dismissed
- Fixed: Missing images for cached articles

What's new in 3.0.2:
- Touch Bar support for the new MacBook Pro
- Reeder now uses the Mercury web parser ( for the “Read Now” feature
- Readability is no longer available (see for more info)
- Fixed: Issues when adding Feedly accounts
- Fixed: High disk storage usage


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.0
Review by eugene_o

Best RSS reader - I was really happy to see a new version of Reeder. It is one of the most polished apps I've used. I spend more time in Reeder than in the web browser every day. Syncing through feedly works really seamlessly. The current top review says that Reeder has ads. The reviewer must be confused: there have never been any ads in Reeder itself - only the ads the web sites put in pages and RSS feeds.

Found helpful by 29 out of 31 people
Version 2.5.1
Review by cm227

don’t buy if you expect any support from the developer - my one star review is a rating of the developer, not the software. i work for a software company. when one of my clients, who is paying us for our software, contacts me to let me know of a critical, functionality breaking issue, i respond to them immediately to let them know we will look into it, even if i don’t know what the issue is at that moment. this is just basic customer service. i recently experienced an issue with Reeder that caused it to suddenly stop synching with Feedly for no apparent reason. seeing as synching with RSS services is the core function of this software, i reached out to the developer to get help fixing it. i contact him on Twitter and via the support email address provided on his website and received no response. there were multiple people on Twitter experiencing the same issue as me, and the developer was not replying to anyone. you would assume that when numerous people (who paid for your software) are telling you that the core functionality of your application is suddenly broken, you would respond. the developer of Reeder apparently doesn’t grasp the concept of customer service. the application itself is a clean, fast RSS reader. some basic features that are part of pretty much every other RSS reader available, like the ability to group feeds into folders, or manual sorting of feeds, are missing. but, for a light user like me, it serves its purpose well.

Found helpful by 112 out of 140 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.0.3
Review by Towelie

crashy crashy - *** Update 1/6/17: Still crashy crashy. Quits or “Application Not Responding” more than anything else on my MacBook. This is a good RSS app, aggressively priced, but crashes constantly. I have force quit it more than any other app on my Mac. It’s a shame there aren’t more apps of this UI polish level for RSS. But the crashing is a big issue.

Found helpful by 9 out of 11 people
Version 3.0.3
Review by AppDev11

iCloud Sync is what people want - Reeder 3 seems great as an app in and of itself, however it's really not that simple. The lack of iCloud sync support for local feeds and folders is an unfortunate missed opportunity. Reeder could be the first multi-platform (macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS) RSS reader to market with this sought-after capability. Other developers have implemented iCloud syncing effectively. Case in point: Downcast (the best podcast manager app on iOS, by far). No problems implementing a robust iCloud synchronization solution there with syncing for subscriptions, episodes, and more! The fact that third party services exist is not a legitimate alternative as you cannot sync your local feeds, some charge for their “services” if you want to have more than some arbitrary number of feeds and folders/categories, and other “suggest” content or other wise remove your control over your own articles and subscriptions. Reeder 3, it’s 2017. Get with the program and give the people what they want: the first multi-platform RSS reader to come to the App Store.

Found helpful by 5 out of 8 people
Version 3.0.3
Review by Kemp Mullaney

Long live RSS! - I was a long time NetNewsWire user, but after the app languished without an update for months (years?), I decided to switch to Reeder in July of 2015. I love the display of feeds and content and the saving and sharing features. I use Feedly to manage my subscriptions and it sync perfecly across MacOS and iOS apps. I spend a lot of time in this app and am very happy.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 3.0.3
Review by bk127001

Great App - Memory Hog - I’ve been using Reeder for a long time, and generally love it. When I found one of my machines was running slow I opened up Activity Monitor and found that Reeder was taking up >4GB of memory. As I started to watch it more closely I noticed that Reeder memory usage is always the #1 irrespective of the machine (I use 3 different Macs regularly) or other apps, and almost always using around 2GB of RAM or more within an hour of opening. Restarting the app helps, but it is a short term fix. Granted, I have a lot of feeds, generally 2K - 4K items from around 600 feeds in there at any given time, but it seems pretty clear there is a memory management issue. I now restart it 2 to 4 times a day to make sure there is enough memory to keep other stuff moving smoothly. All in all though, the feature set is really strong and the app is really easy to use. My issues are probably not a concern for people with fewer feeds - but then again, those with only a few feeds probably aren’t looking for a dedicated app.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 3.0.3
Review by analogkid

one of the main apps I use, thought not with out flaws. - I have been using reeder for over a year. I am running it on my laptop and desktop. I also have the IOS version that I run on my iphone and ipad. It is the primary way I read many websites. In many respects, i wouldn’t want to get rid of it. On the other hand it itsn’t perfect. There are two main issues I want to point out. First, when playing video full screen, about 80% percent of the time it causes the video player to crash. The top bar strats flickering, the speed of the video speeds up, and the whole experience isn’t watchable without ignoring the flashing bar at the top. My solution has either been to not watch the vide full screen, or to open the page in safari and then I don’t have the problem watching full screen. I have replicated this problem on several laptops, a Mac mini and Mac Pro. This is a very frustrating issue and should be resolved. — Note: This issue does not affect the IOS version. Second, I wish they supported more feed provider options, more specifically, the ability to self host RSS feeds and be able to sync them to all my devices. . The one self host provider (fever) has closed down thier app. Despite the video problem and lack of self rss hosting. I still use it as I have yet to find something I like more. Not that I haven’t looked. It is a shame, becouse neither one of the things i pointed out should be difficult to resolve. The video one might just not be well known. The self hosting RSS feeds issue must just not be a priority to the developer.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people