Red Hot Timer

Developer: Lyashenko Pavel

Current Version: 1.4.1

Last Updated: 1 year ago

Download Size: 5.1 MB - Download


Best timer for people who know the true value of time.

- Set the timer in one touch, just take and drag.
- If you play games or watch a serials, you will have to escape in any case, because the timer is displayed on top of other windows, even if you're in full-screen mode.
- You can choose a suitable sound for you or install your custom sound.
- Countdown on the icon in the Dock and in the status bar so that you could always see the remaining time.
- Full-screen mode for special events and board games.
- Set the timer for a specific time or at exact interval on the user's choice.

Again forgotten about turned on kettle? In third time warming your lunch? You are stuck in Facebook and forgot about starting of match? It is not a problem anymore - "Red Hot Timer" was developed to remind you about such trifles.

Any questions, wishes, ideas, offers concerning the application send on email [email protected]

* The application developer is not responsible for missed events when Mac is not Active ;-).


Release Notes:

- bugs fixed for 10.11


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4
Review by mrj4home

Nice Timer App - Been looking for a nice timer app for a while now that doesn’t require space in the dock and is easy to setup a quick timer. This covers all my needs. Very happy with it so far.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 1.4.1
Review by Pete the Volcano

Persist-ware that won’t get out of your face once installed. - Super annoying. Would always appear when I log in. No setting to turn that feature off and was difficult to uninstall. No one wants this type of forced behavior. Boo. One star to you Pavel.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.4.1
Review by catlady2B

EXCELLENT, EXCEPT…NOT REALLY FREE - HIDDEN COSTS - I was very happy to get this & found it to be exactly what I needed. I frequently play games that require me to do things every so often, such as every 48 minutes. Also, when I have something cooking in the kitchen, I can easily lose track of it, so I like to set a clock. This app turned out to be wonderful. However…. I purposely chose this app because it did NOT cost anything. Then, when I tried to use it, I found out I DID have to buy something, a battery to use with it. It does allow the buyer to use it for 3 days, but then you need to buy one, for different lengths of time, including one that is good for lifetime. If I had known about what is called “in-app purchases,” I would NOT have gotten this. I am on a fixed income, so little things like this add up. I would not have bothered & would have just continued to set my clock, which is annoying, but does not cost me anything. If you do not mind spending money, from $.99 to $6.99, then this is a good app to get.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.4.1
Review by SimmerDown209

Useful timer, with in app purchases though - Seems everyone is going the in app purchase route these days. I prefer the upfront cost apps without hidden prices. So basically, this will work for a few days, but then you will have 3 buy options where you can regenerate the timer for 99 ents for 300 timers, 1.99 for a year of unlimited timers, or 2.99 for unlimited (aka, full app price). Those are the dicounted prices shown at the current time. Seems the rices are 3.99 and 4.99 without dicounts respectively. Anyway….I do appretiate the full few day of unlimited use. Its enough to give you a good idea if you want it. I love how the dock has a nice icon that shows the current selected timer with the count down. It also has a dock icon and a full open app. THere are plenty of options in the settings whcih I tweaked to my liking. I am not fond of the way you have to program the timers when the app is open. I wind up just using the drag feature of the dock icon. You click it, drag the mouse down to set the timer. So much easier, and I qish they would implement dragging timers in the open app instead of having to remember the time coding sequence you have to type within the app to set a timer. Good app, but might test a few others before I decide to buy.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.4.1
Review by people coach

A good little app with some limitations - I like this app and the ease of use. I’ve been using it now for two days for all my major projects and have found it useful for getting a better idea of how much time projects are taking, and for spurring on my activity towards the end of the time I have allotted. It is easy to use, although the instructions could be more complete; had to dig around and play around to figure some of it out. I may be missing something, but I would lke the ability to count up as well as count down. I often do not know how much time it is going to take me to do a project; counting up under those circumstances (with the pause ability) would be a huge asset for me. On the whole. I like it! It does what I need for most situations, and keeps me on track. One particularly great feature of using this time: it helps me identify when I am being pulled of task. A real bonus - if you pay attention!

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.4.1
Review by Slknight71

Works as intended - I like this timer. It works for what I need it to do.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.4.1
Review by Suzer22

Exactly as promised - I like that there are three display options (the status bar, the tea kettle in the dock, and the main display); I enjoy that the display changes color with each reset; I appreciate that the display calculates what time it will be when the timer ends. I am very happy that I can shut off the audio alarm and the flashing is very obvious. Features I wish it also had: the ability to count up so I could see how long something takes; a preference to keep the display on top of all my other work so I can easily move through various windows and apps without having to go back and pull the timer to the front. I’m not sure why I’d ever need two timers going at once (cooking several dishes at the same time?) and I thought I would get to have more than one timer going at once when I saw “add a timer”, When I tried to start a 2nd timer, at first I thought the new one simply overrode the first one, but it actually DID have more than one timing!! Little dots at the bottom of the display allows you to toggle between them, and they are different colors so that helps. Then I discovered the tiling button and I can see all the simultaneous timers at once. I just hope the app will warn me when I am close to needing a battery, and not wait until I am all out! I’m guessing the battery icon will help there, but haven’t used the app enough to see that go down yet.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people