RectLabel for object detection

Developer: Ryo Kawamura

Current Version: 1.45

Last Updated: 2 days ago

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An image annotation tool to label images for bounding box object detection.

Key features:
Create a label dialog from settings
Settings for objects, attributes, and format
Support the PASCAL VOC format
Layer order for overlapped boxes
Zoom in on a point
Quick zoom to existing boxes
Smart guides for creating and transforming boxes

Key steps when you label images:
- Open folder
Open a folder which includes images.
Click the right arrow or left arrow button to change the image.
To adjust the contrast of the image, click the contrast button on the upper right corner.

- Create box
Drag on the image to draw a box.
When you finished dragging, the label dialog would appear.
The label would be added to the table on the right.
You can move the box dragging the center of the box, or you can transform the box dragging one of the four corner points.
To change the color of the box, click the color picker on the upper right corner.

- Move
You can drag the box or the image to move its position.
For the image, you can use mouse wheel, too.
When you click on the box or the label, four corner points would appear.
You can transform the box dragging one of the four corner points.
When you right click on the box or the label, edit menu would appear.
"Focus" would be useful to quick zoom to the existing box.
You can change the label with "Edit", duplicate with "Duplicate", and delete the box with "Delete".
When you double click on the box or the label, you can "Edit".
To change the layer order of the box, drag the label in the table to upper or lower position.
When you create or transform the box, "Smart guides" would appear.

- Zoom in, Zoom out
You can zoom in or zoom out on the point where you click.

- Zoom fit
Initialize zoom.

- Save
We create "annotations" folder in the folder you opened.
The label file is saved as "image_file_name.json" or "image_file_name.xml".

- Settings
You can customize the label dialog.

- Output format
The label file is saved in the JSON format or the PASCAL VOC format.

- Hotkeys
You can use hotkeys to make your labelling work faster.

- Load labels of other images
You can load labels of other images.

The details are described on our support website.

Found some problems?
Post the problem to our Github issues page

Have questions?
Send an email to [email protected]

Thank you.


Release Notes:

Fixed box positions were misaligned when the image had a large aspect ratio such as width:height = 9079:816.
The image view had a slightly different aspect ratio compared with the original image.