Developer: Imacami

Current Version: 4.0

Last Updated: 1 hour ago

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We know that it is not good for the health when spending hour after hour in front of computer screen.
This might effect our bodies negatively, e.g., stiff, throbbing, ...
Recess is really necessary.
We need to take a short break, e.g., try to look outside a window, stand up, stretch the legs, and walk around a bit ...

Sometime we forget to relax, even a small break.
Recess app will remind regularly us to take breaks.

You always have full features without purchase.
In-app purchase gives you a pro version, thus, gives me some beers. Pro version avoids waiting some seconds before showing statistics of more than 7 days.

Recess lives in our menu bar!!!


Release Notes:

Thank you a lot for your suggestions and bug reports.
Here is a new release of Recess with a lot of new features.

- add new features:
• auto resume on the next day
• add snooze button
• grey icon when pausing
• shortcut: ESC to hide popover, SPACE to snooze 5 minutes, ENTER to pause/unpause; ENTER/SPACE/ESC to close lock-screen
• statistic graphs
• forcebreak: prevent users from pausing at the last 10 seconds
• change bells
• change screen color to distinguish break/work periods

- add in-app purchase button in statistic chart to give you a pro version, thus, give me some beers.
Please note that you always have full features even without any purchase.
Pro version avoids waiting some seconds before showing statistics of more than 7 days.

- fix bugs:
• resize screen when a new monitor is plugged in => redraw background picture
• bell does not ring when finishing a rest
• hide Dock when popup


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by MiMo81

simple and just works - I’ve been using this for some time now. Its very useful, very stable and a must for people who spend lots of time on their computers

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.1
Review by ARobi

Too rigid in its workflow - I was hoping for more than this app provides. Here are my issues: First, it has no snooze function. The pause just leads to basically turning it off. Secondly, ihe break screen stops the hot corners of the mac. This means that I cannot turn on my screen saver (and hence lock my desktop at work) while the break is underway. As a result, I have to dismiss the break screen, at which time the counter begins counting down again. Also, I don't think that the UI is very well designed. The right-click menu does not bring up a context menu, you have to go through two layers of popups to quit or get to the preferences. Overall I am not happy with its functionality and the way it was designed. I'm uninstalling it after writing this review.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people