Readiris Pro 16

Developer: I.R.I.S. s.a.

Current Version: 16.0

Last Updated: 5 days ago

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**** TOP TEN REVIEWS’ SCORE: 9.55/10 ****
“Exceptional text accuracy for scanned documents and the ability to recognize many languages makes Readiris™ Pro 16 a powerful OCR software“-


- New version of the conversion engine: higher speed & accuracy
- An added text correction and editing function
- Access to document conversion by right-clicking with the mouse
- New user interface: user-friendly environment
- Addition of a quality indicator for imported documents
- Automatic document edge detection
- Improved drag-and-drop page handling tool
- Easier importing of your images from "Photos™"
- Improved perspective correction module


- Convert scans, images and PDF files into editable documents: Readiris™ Pro 16 converts your PDFs into Word, Excel, text or even fully editable indexed PDF, whilst preserving the original layout.
List of output formats: PDF, DOCX, XLSX, ODT, ePub, Audio, RTF, HTML, TXT, TIFF, JPEG, PNG
- Create, edit and merge indexed PDFs: Use the page-handling module in the Readiris™ Pro 16 Mac interface to add, delete, or even organize pages of the PDF documents you create
- Compress searchable PDF files up to 10 times for optimized archiving and sharing: Reduce the size of your original files by a factor of up to 10* (or 50 with the Corporate version) without decreasing visual quality - all this thanks to our revolutionary High-Quality Compression technology iHQC™!
- Store and manage your converted files directly in the Cloud: Readiris™ Pro 16 makes it easy for you to export all the documents you convert to the cloud hosting service of your choice, so that you have access to them wherever and whenever you want - perfect for mobile lifestyles!
- Convert your documents to audio files: Readiris™ Pro 16 converts any image or PDF file or scanned document to an audio file that you can listen to using an audio reader. This unique feature lets you listen to any text, even during travel!


Within PDF files, Readiris™ Pro 16 allows you to create, add, merge, delete, edit, rotate, compress, sign or straighten pages (thanks to its page-handling module). It also lets you convert PDFs to editable Word, Excel or even searchable PDF files in order to help you edit and manage information. Key PDF tools :
- Edit PDF
- Create indexed, searchable PDF
- Add, delete, organize pages in a PDF
- Merge several PDFs (or files of different formats)
- Password-protect your PDF
- Compress PDF (reduce size up to 10x smaller)
- Convert PDF to Word
- …and much more!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 16.0
Review by swampcassandra

Readiris Pro 16 - Disregard the rave review above. The software probably has this capacity. I attempted to purchase it both from the Web Site which was Mac unfriendly and then from the App Store. I was able to get it working and it did copy with some errors, e.g. m as rr, etc from old typewritten papers that I could then put into Pages and edit. However after four pages it started aborting at the very end of the transfer process. It did send an error message to Apple. Efforts to trouble shoot myself, maybe I just should have shot myself were fruitless. Then I tried to navigate the company interface and obtain help. The support is designed to force you into endless menues of on line help and aide. It is to say the least, poorly designed. Does any company officer ever use the interface? Finally after a good deal of time I was able to get a chat response that suggested I remove my copy and install a new one. That took a while but did appear to work with a new .dmg and a “successful installation.” However this company is apparently so paranoid that someone will “steal” the software that an Activation code is also required. But it did not occur with the installation, nor is it shown on my receipt from the App Store, nor was one emailed to me although they obviously have my email address. I am now in the fourth day from purchase and have no functioning software. I check every few hours for a reply to my request. Some poor customer service person is overworked, underpaid, and apparently in a different time zone or out to lunch. My suspicion is that the software is a typical half supported cludge of something that works on Windows but is not adequately supported or engineered on the Mac. Flooded ? with phone calls for minor but fixable problems they make customer service intentionally difficult to save money. “Managing by inconvenience”. If I ever get this thing working I will revise my evaluation after further experience but currently I cannot recommend even a trial

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people