Developer: Niko Pietinen

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Organize to folders by file extension

ReCoMo is a tool that allows you to move or copy files from one folder to another, at the same time, you can rename the file. You can also specify which types of files are copied or moved, for example, so you can move only pictures and leave the other files in place. Of course, you can also select all the files to transfer, regardless of the type.
There is also a feature that will automatically organize the files in a source folder, to a folder in destination that is named according to file type.

At top left, you can select a file name (Rename to) which changed to moved or copied files, after filename there will be sequential number. You can choose the starting number. If "Start number" is blank, numbers start at zero.
If the name is left blank, files are copied or moved to their original names, and no number added.
If the File type is *, all files are copied or moved, regardless of the extension, but if new name is written to ”Rename to” field, all files will be renamed and a sequential number is added.

At top right, there is organize feature. Select the source and destination folders, and press Start.
ReMoCo start to organize files in source folder, to the destination folder there will be added a new subfolder, which is named after that file extension, for example jpg. After that, all jpg files from source will be moved to that folder. That will be done to all different extensions of files.
You can have a large number of files in the source folder, and they are moved to destination folder with subfolders of file extension, all different to it’s own folder named after extension.
Now you can copy more files in source folder, or download from internet, and ReCoMo organize them as soon as they are copied to source folder.
ReCoMo keeps tracking source folder, until Stop is pressed.


Release Notes:

Organize feature is now continuous, when Start is pressed, ReCoMo start monitor source folder, and move every file from there to destination, at subfolders named after filextension. And you can copy more files to source folder, until Stop button is pressed.
Added a button, to change Source to Destination and vice versa.