Raw Dog XML Viewer

Developer: Writes for All Inc.

Current Version: 1.7

Last Updated: 6 months ago

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Viewing XML in a text editor is a painfully slow process, especially if the XML file isn't formatted. Stop wasting precious time! View XML files quickly and efficiently with Raw Dog XML Viewer! Easily drill through the XML tree using the outline view in the sidebar.


-View XML files.

-Quickly navigate through the XML tree by using the outline view in the sidebar.

-Hover your mouse over XML elements in the sidebar to see a tool tip showing the element's attributes.

-Selecting XML text in the document will automatically select the proper node in the sidebar.

-View XML files that are on the web (for example: you can view the raw XML of an online RSS feed).

-Easily view XML files in a human readable format. Simply click the Pretty Print toolbar item to format unreadable XML.

-Change the font size in the toolbar.

-Choose between four different syntax highlighting styles in Settings.

**PLEASE NOTE: Raw Dog XML Viewer is a XML viewer, not an editor.**


Release Notes:

-You can now lower the minimum file size used to determine if XML documents should be paginated in Settings.
-You can now open .plist files in Raw Dog XML Viewer without having to change the file's extension from .plist to .xml.
-When doing a "Find" operation (Command+F), Raw Dog XML Viewer now uses a Find Bar instead of a Find Panel.
-Minor bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by SQL Guru

a decent version 1 - RawDog XML opens and displays the XML cleanly. The Pretty Print funciton works well. The Treeview/Outline left panel allows the user to navigate the XML quickly. I woudl suggest that the outline panel inlcude the value as well as the property name. In my example, I see an outline of 300+ “Table” without the value or name of the table. The value would be useful. There is a mouse over to preview the properties and that’s nice.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people