Radar Live: NOAA doppler radar loop & 7-day national weather forecast (pro version)

Developer: Voros Innovation

Current Version: 1.6.0

Last Updated: 4 days ago

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Introducing Radar Live - a stunning app which brings live radar and the weather to your Mac!

It gives the latest NOAA radar data and detailed weather forecast in an attractive and highly informative window format.

The radar is for the USA only (48 contiguous states).

Main Features:
● Displays the latest NOAA radar station images from any available 155 NOAA radar stations on map
● Displays combined radar images for the whole Contiguous U.S. (Lower 48 states)
● Current weather conditions and forecast on your desktop from all around the world
● 2-Hourly detailed weather forecast for 3 days
● Detailed radar and weather forecast window accessible by a singe click on the Dock icon
● Dock icon shows the latest radar images and current temperature
● Search forecast locations by address, airport code or automatic location based detection
● Save as many weather forecast locations as you want

● Your first location is auto detected and new forecast locations can be added by typing the first few letter of the city name, zip code or airport code in the search field
● The closest NOAA radar station is detected automatically based on user location or selected weather forecast location
● Latest reflectivity, velocity, one-hour and total storm precipitation from any NEXRAD radar site in the US, Guam and Puerto Rico.
● Images are not smoothed or manipulated, they are the real Level 3 radar data displayed on the map with the highest level of detail.

Radar Features:
● Map displays the latest selected NOAA radar station image loop
▫ Available radar types: Base Reflectivity (ground level), Composite Reflectivity, One-Hour Precipitation and Storm Total Precipitation
▫ Closest radar station is selected automatically based on forecast/user location
▫ Select any of the NOAA radar stations by location
▫ Select any radar station from the map
▫ Map zoom and pan
▫ Optional fill-screen map (fill the whole screen area except Dock and Menubar)
▫ Radar station location, user location, forecast location and radar range is optionally shown on map
▫ Notification if the radar is down for maintenance or technical error
● Map displaying the latest contiguous U.S. (Lower 48 states) combined images loop
▫ Available radar type: Base Reflectivity
▫ Map zoom and pan
● Radars are updated in about every 3-5 minutes in perception mode and every 10 minutes in clear air mode
● Radar sensitivity setting to filter out very light rain and noise

Weather Forecast Details:
● Detailed current conditions and weather forecast
● Weather forecast text summary
● Min and Max temperatures
● Current "Feels Like" (apparent) temperature
● Wind Speed and Direction
● Dew Point
● Humidity
● Rain fall information
● Local Sunrise and Sunset
● Units: Fahrenheit or Celsius & mph or kmh
● Accurate, premium weather forecast data from Weather Underground®

Download Radar Live Now!

If you experience any issues please contact us directly using the "Contact Us" button/menu item and specify your forecast location.


Release Notes:

+ Dock icon now shows current temperature, wind speed or forecast min/max temperatures
+ 2-Hourly detailed weather forecast for 3 days
+ Radar Window opens immediately if user launches the app
+ Improved stability and bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by TomH47

Great Weather! - Had been looking for a weather app, found this one. Is this connected to NOAA? I have an iPhone app which is - and that’s what it is called. Back to this app. Very welle done. A little different than another I was using which was in the menu bar. But this one is in my dock, can click on it and what a treasure trove of info. Still a newbie (FNG) and not sure if I can add other locations to it (family on the east coast; which MenuWeather allowed); I will see if this does that too. Like the radar maps, the detailed forecasts, and quality graphics (excellent on a MBPro Retina!). What else can I say? This app is definately worth a download. Need to explore its features - usual excuse, too busy at the moment. Tom

Found helpful by 11 out of 18 people
Version 0
Review by tws1961

This app loads “hidden”! NEEDS TO BE FIXED - So I purchased app for use on my new Retina iMac. Clicked on the app, it loads, at least the words do in the task bar but the window does not load. After taking a few minutes to figure out that in preferences under the general tab the box marked “auto hide blah blah blah” is checked as a default. Unchecked box, quit app, launched again (several times) restart NOT ONCE DID THE WINDOW LOAD AND STILL HAS NOT! I reached out to the app developer and this person was fairly quick to respond telling me to uncheck the box. Which I’d already completed. Gee thanks. I have no idea if this app works as described and from what I’ve seen in the other reviews some have had this problem, others not. But on a brand spanking new ( 2 days ) Retina iMac? Come on!! So, if I could I’d give no stars and if it ever works I’ll update this review. I’m going to send one more email and then just chalk this experince as having to pay the stupid tax again. Trust me this complaint is not about the money spent it’s about the desription and being lulled into purchasing something that does not work. (at least for me, oh wait some others too) Sir or Mam, please update your software so it loads/launches the same way as all of the thousands of other apps do!

Found helpful by 28 out of 37 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.6.0
Review by Bill 1423

Radar Live Pro - Great - A Galaxy of stars is my rating. My 2011 MacBook runs the program like a tiger. Very responsive to a click and the many many locations availiable for a click are incredible. My three kids are in Finland, Hawaii and Missouri and I am in Calif. I can be in all four locations in about 15 seconds for a quick glance. Having both a local and national map (which goes international except for the radar) on one screen with the five day forecast makes it even better considering you have a choice of screen formats in preferences. This happens to be the first App I have ever purchased. I have a lot of free ones but really glad I got careless and purchased this one. The author knows what it takes to have a happy buyer and his App worth a reasonable price.

Found helpful by 9 out of 10 people
Version 1.6.0
Review by Hilltop415

Rip off - What a rip. Ridiculously simple app in an unsizable window that doesn’t come even close to filling my iMac screen. I bought it so I could view large detailed weather maps. You can get way more info and better maps from any weather site on the internet for free. Can’t believe this thing cost $10.

Found helpful by 8 out of 10 people
Version 1.6.0
Review by ammolifer

Radar Live - I see very little difference between this version, which I paid good money for, and the original Weather Dock; except for the interactive weather maps. However, the map addition is so porely done and unless you’re looking over larger square mileage, for instance the entire NE, the weather patterns look squarish/amateurish. I would uninstall if not for the fact that I paid for it. The only reason I give it a ‘3’ is because one does get what appears to be a better than fair weather outlook and a person is able to see what the weather is doing now or has been doing over the last so many hours.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 1.6.0
Review by Rob 46

Radar review - When faced with a major storm such as the recent one, HERMINE, having this program really removes the concern of the unknown and standing at the TV and waiting for the TV experts to give an update. A fast look and you are able to react as necessary. Even a less powerful local thunderstorm can be watched and followed if needed. The radar picture and the weather forecast are truly helpful. Our thanks and our appreciation.

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people
Version 1.6.0
Review by Grumpie grandpa

Fun, Accurate and very Useful - Opens rapidly with one click to current conditions. Very accurate and timely radar images. The screen says to input US locations but it does accept Canadian without problems. Great deal for very little cost as the 7-day forecasts are superb.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people