RSS Ticker for Google Reader

Developer: mobileFlavour

Current Version: 2.0.1

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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RSS Ticker is a lightweight RSS Reader for your desktop which can sync with Google Reader. It lets you keep an eye on news anytime and it provides variety of settings for customizing the ticker.

Start picking your favorite feeds by today and RSS Ticker will deliver news to you!

Key Features:
◆ Sync with Google Reader[optional]
◆ Using OAuth authentication
◆ Ticker View and List View.
◆ Search Keywords on Item's Title.
◆ Shuffle Items.
◆ Preview each item without leaving the app
◆ Built-in Article Viewer.
◆ Multiple Feeds Support.
◆ Easily share any items on Facebook, Twitter and others.
◆ Export / Import of feed list (OPML) from other apps.
◆ Star Items on interesting news.
◆ Show unread item count in Dock Icon.
◆ Beautiful, yet simple user interface that comes to life.

Customizable Appearance and Settings:
◆ Opacity / Font Size and Color of Ticker and Item List.
◆ Time Format (24/12 hours).
◆ Ticker Scrolling Speed. (Speed up by hovering cursor on arrow icon of ticker)
◆ Auto Fade out.

Much more:
◆ Auto Hide under menu bar. (Show again by hovering cursor on menu bar)
◆ Always on top.
◆ Show in All spaces.
◆ Auto Start at Login.
◆ Auto Refresh.
◆ Expand ticker to screen's max width by double clicking Ticker's left/right handle.
◆ Read content in internal/external browser.
◆ Easily drag and resize the ticker.


Release Notes:

- fix Auto start at login


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0.1
Review by macnoob8384

Does Not Work - App not worth the money, not worth the time downloading if it was free. Will sometimes pick up what feeds I am subscribed to on google, but never shows any of the content. Website for support is useless, just has links to purchase games. Tried to uninstall and reinstall and sign in and out a few times, gave it a day but still nothing comes up. Don't waste your money.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0.1
Review by Laurence Ballard

Less Than Useful - Frankly, doesn't work as advertised. In fact, it doesn't work at all. don't waste your money. Apps like this are another argument for all apps having a demo mode, or an "audition period." Instead, you have to pay a few bucks here and there to find something that actually does the job.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 2.0.1
Review by 7mary4

Descent Ticker with No Support - I don't get why there is not a wide selection of RSS tickers for the Mac like one can easily find for Windows. What is available ranges from horrible to alright. RSS Ticker for Google Reader sits in the latter position. Its strengths are Google Reader intigration, quick display of feeds, direct tie-in with Google Reader for viewing all your feeds, and the ability to place the ticker on a wide screen. It fails to give you control of your feeds subjecting you with old read messages for at least 24 hours cluttering up your news feed with archiac news. This drowns out the new posts and if you're like me, you'll miss the refreshed entries due to the numerous other feeds clogging up the ticker with stale items. Why is it not a standard to hide read posts? This seems idiotic to me. Additionally, the ticker likes to "blink out" every once in a while and present itself empty until the feed repopulates. Nice, more useless time wasting as I await something new to appear. Other disappointments lie in the tiny favicons, lack of site name for each post, and non-intuitive controls. I stumbled over the procedure for closing the drop-down draw by accident after closing the entire application and reopening it for the first few minutes of use. Dude, I'm an IT guy and if it took me that long to figure it out, you've got a serious UI flaw. Which leads me to one of my grandest complaints. There is zero support for this application. If you click the support link in the App Store, you are greeted with an icon in the middle of the page. Oooh, if I click it, it opens the website? Nice indicator on that graphic. Once there, nothing else is clickable like the contents bar one would figure would lead you to different sections. But wait, it gets better. While you "navigate" this site, you find yourself scratching your head. There is NO mention of RSS Ticker for Google Reader. It's just games - kiddie games - that's it. Forget about finding a support link or email address. Remember, nothig is clickable. I feel this could be the ticker for Mac user if the mysterious author could accept input and correct a few minor issues. Give me new posts only and an easy way to close that drawer and I'm happy. Very happy.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 2.0.1
Review by M.sabti

do not buy - don't buy the app it doesn't work at all

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 2.0.1
Review by infin8dvonE

It just stopped working - It worked great and it was just what I needed to scan headline in a ticker style, now app is just dead, DOES NOT pull from my google reader list, and when I past rss links into the add field, app still FAILS to load… and looks like no updates are coming to fix it.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 2.0.1
Review by Klotho

Almost useless... - I downloaded this reader to access Google RSS News feeds. I paste the RSS feed link tino the appropriate window (under Preferences>Feed List), and click the plus sign to add it. Nothing happens. No indication on where to import an OPML file, and nothing else happens with this app. I’m hoping to get a refund. 27” iMac w/Yosemite & 8Gb RAM.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people