Current Version: 1.0.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Have you ever felt that there are too many flash popups, ads etc distract your main content/news reading in browser? then this App is for you.
RIAPress is a utility App, which acts like browser/bookmark manager.

01. Allows to add Websites
02. Allows user to manage websites in a Group & manage them as bookmarks in the App
03. Forward, Next, Refresh browser functionalities
04. Once websites have been added, browse through web pages & if you feel the current web page is more important than existing bookmark, Just use PIN functionality to replace the bookmark
05. Flash & other 32 bit plugins are not allowed, hence less distraction from actual content/news/feed reading
06. App uses unique url formatter, so you have less to enter. For example, instead of typing http://google.com/news, use google/news in url field
07. No popup's allowed hence less pain
08. When you select website, browse through pages, the session are retained. Even if you choose to go to another website & come back, entire session is retained so that you can browse back & forth in the session
09. Good for article, news & blog readers
10. Ad Free & Free App :)

Future Enhancements:
01. Is to make it Pure HTTP Client
02. iCloud Support to sync bookmarks against supported devices
03. Add Security lock so that user can only access his/her browsed pages
04. Automatic login to website such as Wordpress blogs, Blogspot, Gmail, Yahoo mail etc..
05. Download Support
06. Print Content