Developer: n-ary knowledge systems LLC

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Download Size: 3.4 MB - Download


RESTOnIt is a pure-Cocoa client for testing HTTP web servers and applications on Mac OS X®. It is especially helpful for testing REST web services, but it comes in handy anywhere precise information about incoming and outgoing HTTP messages is needed. It features an attractive, functional request/response UI, integrating seamlessly into the Mac environment.


Release Notes:


• Added a history viewer.


• Request history is now persistent between app launches.
• Help → Report a Bug opens the RESTOnIt support page instead of a new email.
• Added support for Sudden and Automatic Termination in OS X 10.7+.
• The full request URL is shown in a tooltip in the history drawer.


• Fixed application hangs with very large responses by implementing a 1 MB response limit.
• Fixed some drawing glitches in the response pane.
• Fixed a bug where the response would show up incorrectly when a new request was issued before it could be received.
• Response line view has no color when a request is cancelled.

Other changes

• Reverted to the old, smaller app icon.