Quickie Web Albums

Developer: Luke Jackson

Current Version: 4.4.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Quickie Web Albums moves your digital pictures to web photo albums, so that friends, family, or clients can view your pictures on the web. Quickie is simple to use, but full of the options to let you customize your albums. You just import your photos, pick where to save the album to and then create. The preferences let you set tons of options if you want. It includes a template system so that you can take a page design and add in the web albums. You can frame images or watermark images. You can include movies if you want. You can use javascript to protect your images. You can set it up to make a slideshow page, require login or let users leave comments. Once you create the album, you just need to upload to your web server.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.4.1
Review by dal0001

Needs an update - It works very well to create simple but effective photo albums for the web. There are plenty of customization tools to change colors of background and borders around pics and size of pics in preferences. But then comes trouble. The program does not save preferences. So the next time you go to use the program you have to manually go in once again and reenter all the data to get colors, fonts, image sizes the way you want them. I thought the purpose of preferences was to set the program up to make things the way you wanted and then only change them if you needed something different. The other strange issue about this program is that if you save your album it ends up as a text file. This, of course means that TextEdit wants to open the file rather than Quickie Web Albums. You can outwit the program in both situations but why should I have to? I rated this 4 because I like it's simpleness, it's quickness and its customizing capabilities. I didn't give it a 5 because of the preferences issue and the album save issue.

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Version 4.4.1
Review by chrisogg

Pretty good…still needs a few more things - Hi, Overall, I’m pretty happy with this application. It does what it needs to and I can work around the couple of issues I have. But, I hope they come out with a version that retains my settings for my albums. Right now, I work around it by: Step 1 - Build an album that is how you want Step 2 - Save that in an easy to find location Then, when you do your next album: Step 1 - Open that old album Step 2 - Delete all the pictures (this is a pain) Step 3 - Specify the new source and destination Otherwise, you have to go in and tweak all the settings. Also, Picture sizing is a bit of a pain - it should be scalable instead of pixel count”… But - when looking around and trying to build albums…this was better than whatever else I found.

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