QuickTrack Pro

Developer: Peninsula Group

Current Version: 7.0.3

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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"5 Minute setup, then start managing your assets and loan stock immediately"

Fact: Item location and tracking is essential in any business large and small. Time lost in locating stock or assets will never be recovered, thousands of hours are lost each year.

Comprehensive Tracking Software
Peninsula QuickTrack Pro is a powerful yet easy to use software application for keeping item records and tracking their whereabouts and movements among many users and/or locations.

Details of items and users or locations are filed in customisable fields. Items can then be booked in or out by scanning barcodes or using the keyboard.

Designed to be as user friendly as possible, QuickTrack Pro combines a proprietary database with an easy to use interface and barcode technology.

Use the built-in database (with no setup at all) or connect to an existing MySQL, or MSSQL database server in seconds (by clicking one button), whichever suits your needs.

With the built-in database you have everything you need to start working, right out of the box!

If you have an MySQL system and want to extend the functionality, you don't have to export/import data to and from our application - it simply reads from, and writes to fields in tables in your existing database. Full integration in less than one minute!

Many of QuickTrack's features are customisable by the user in the preferences section of the software.

Record field descriptions can be changed from the default settings to suit the user's requirements, even the database names can be changed, for example items could become books and users become borrowers.

Serial number style, number of digits and label printing settings can also be customised, including prefixes and/or suffixes where required.

Label Printing
QuickTrack Standard has label printing built in, this includes printing barcodes onto labels and serial numbering.

This feature is included as standard with a number of label layouts, customised layouts can be produced with the built in wizard or by contacting Peninsula with your requirements.

Catalogue Your Internal Collections
Scan the barcode from a CD, DVD, Video or Book to have QuickTrack Pro complete the details of the product for you over the internet.

Report Generation
A variety of reports can be printed out, viewed on screen, or exported for use in other applications.

These can show item and user or location records, listings and movement histories or any other data that is held in QuickTrack's databases.

Fact: Some asset and item managament software does not include booking in and out facilities, or barcode labeling.

QuickTrack includes this as standard and even has customisable modes for booking (such as despatch mode for despatching more than one item to the same person).


Release Notes:

• Updated overdue and check in out system.