QuickMarks 2.0

Developer: OgoWorks

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 432.7 KB - Download


For teachers from grade school to college, QuickMarks lightens the load of recording assignment results. You need only fill in the information required for school, teacher, term, courses, units, tasks and class list once. Screen information from term to class can be copied to set up others so only new information must be added. Since each term is unique, QuickMarks can retain as much of your assignment history that you wish.
The unit report displays the marks for each task in that unit while the course report summarizes all task results.
As you can see below, information entered is selectable from a list thus removing the need to remember the exact name to view the information.
A task bar makes it easy to skip up and down the levels from school to reports! You will notice the order of the selection lists is the same as that of the task bar from school to task.