Quick File Renamer

Developer: Rebrand Software

Current Version: 4.7

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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A simple and safe file renaming solution for everyone, with a beautiful Retina interface!

Rename your photo collection using meaningful names. Organize your MP3 or iTunes music library with artist, song, album and track numbers. Access the EXIF metadata in your digital photography and use it to name your files.

Simply browse for files, use our wildcard search, or drag and drop them into the app!

Renaming is fast and you see your changes as you type. "Simple Mode" allows you to use easy presets to change the file name, rename music files, rename with EXIF photo data and more. "Advanced Mode" gives you precise control with the following actions:

Change file name
Remove file name
Add sequential numbers with zero padding
Replace text
Change case
Add prefixes
Add suffixes
Insert dates (file creation, file modification, custom)
Change extension
Insert Audio Metadata (MP3 and AAC)
Insert Photo Metadata (Exif)
Make uppercase
Make lowercase
Make titlecase
Regular Expression (RegEx) search and replace

Actions are performed in sequential order, giving you total control over the resulting file names. Once you have created the perfect set of actions they can be saved for later use.

Safety checks are performed before renaming to ensure that the new file names are legal and that there are no naming conflicts with existing files. You can rename the original files or automatically create copies with the new names.

Need to rename directories? Switch to directory mode in the preferences window and you can do just that!


Based on your feedback and reviews here are some quick tips:

-For the fastest possible renaming, select the "Rename original files" option (now the default). Otherwise the app will make a copy of the originals and give them the new name.

-The app is not a metadata editor, it can only use the existing metadata in the files to give them a new name. (Try the MP3 preset to quickly rename your music files so they sort nicely in finder).


Release Notes:

Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented adding a prefix


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.5.3
Review by MikeTheEclectic

Does exactly what it should. - I'm a graphic designer that works on tons of images in Photoshop. I have a script that saves all of the layers of files out of Photoshop as jpegs and then tiffs. After this is done, I use Quickrenamer to do the renaming of the files. It works as described and has enough versitility to help me get my work done quickly. Great job guys (and gals)

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 4.5.3
Review by Steve Zero

Beware - The editiing of ID3 tags in an MP3 is horrible. You can't add anything that isn't there already, and you have to read the description and parse it correctly to realize that before you buy. "Any and all" is a stupid and misleading way to desctibe its editing features. And there are far better file renamers available for free. I want my money back!

Found helpful by 5 out of 7 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.7
Review by Xandrous

Have not been able to use it….. - I had a chance to check the app. this is a great app if it worked and would be better if there was control as to what fields were selected from the metadata and order of fields… Such as: Artist Name - Song Title - Album or Artist Name - Album - Song Title… or just Artist Name - Song Title Thank [email protected]

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 4.7
Review by 23 Agenda

makes simple renaming complicated - Or just doesn’t work. It’s supposed to use RegEx (Regular Expressions) like wildcards “*” and “?” but those don’t work. Also doesn’t recognize spaces when renaming. If you type a spacebar at he end of the new name, it deletes it. I just want to replace a “.” with a space. HELLO? This is BASIC stuff and I’ve been using file renamers long before I got a Mac.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 4.7
Review by frontlinegraphics

MEGA Time-Saver! - Just about ANY renaming strategy you can think of is available here and VERY simple to use. Rename entire folders of files in a snap according your your spec. One of my most used production workflow apps.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 4.7
Review by M. Salinas

I bought this thing and it doesn’t work. - I downloaded this app in it's trial version. But I noticed that several functions have been disabled. So I decided to pay for the commercial version. I have several thousand AIFF sound files that don't have the extension in the name and wanted to append .AIFF extension. I followed the nearly useless instructions and could see that I had set up correctly, but the rename button was greyed out and nonfunctional. So I tried using the command-R keystroke and that didn't work either. I later noticed that the “Test” function was on and so I turned that off and still, I couldn’t actually rename the files. I went to the Rebrand Software site for support and posted a question on the site. I never got a response. Then I realized that although the site let me post the support question and asked me for my email that I would not get a response. The next day I tried to “contact” the owner directly at the "Need to contact me directly? Please click here.” link. That took me to a site called “getsatisfaction.com.” I spent two days trying to get a message posted and it didn't allow that to work either. I had to create an account at this other site BEFORE I could post my request for support. I finally got that accomplished but have still not gotten any solution. The money spent is not the problem. The problem with this product is that it doesn’t work correctly, or at very least, the instructions are inadequate and I can’t get it to work. Something this simple should be completely intuitive to use and itiot proof. This isn’t Photoshop ot Video editing. I am now writing this ridiculous review because I’ve spent 3 days trying to get a $2.99, one function, application to work and it doesn’t. Furthermore… Although I’m sure Mike Gibson is a good guy, I shouldn’t have to chase after Mike for threee days, to get a response. At the moment, I can’t recommend this product.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 4.7
Review by Picky1265

Doesn’t work - The advanced tab does not allow any rename actions to be added to the list.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people