Developer: Electron Zen

Current Version: 1.6.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 6.2 MB - Download


You are the pilot of Quantum1, an Omega-class fighter patrolling deep space. It's a lonely assignment.

Suddenly, you are caught in a sub-space anomaly and transported to the middle of a mysterious region of space with a black hole at its center and deadly asteroids drifting by. You'll encounter hostile aliens and mysterious floating artifacts.

Quantum1 is a new, updated take on the classic game of Asteroids. It's Asteroids taken to another level. The black hole’s gravity affects everything: your ship, aliens, the asteroids, even your missiles.

• A dreaded black hole, relentlessly pulling everything toward its inky maw.
• Aliens that actually fight back.
• Floating artifacts to help you survive.
• Rocks that realistically collide with each other.
• Gravity affects all game objects, including your ship's missiles.
• Modern OpenGL graphics and OpenAL sound.
• Full-screen or windowed playing area.
• Three difficulty levels.


Release Notes:

Several fixes for potential graphics glitches.