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Psd Localizer

This app can make new Localized PSD files from a source PSD file by reading associated string files.


A Company wants to launch a product in England & Japan, a poster needs to be made and translated.

The designer creates a file: productLaunch.psd - he is English so the text in the PSD file is in English, he needs to make a Japanese version, he'd be really annoyed if he did it by hand, then some changes came in after it was done, so he'd like to automate it.

The designer creates a *.strings file, called: productLaunch.ja-JP.strings and puts it in the same place his PSD file is.

The productLaunch.ja-JP.strings file's contents looks like this:
"welcome" = "こんにちは";
"computer" = "コンピュータ";

Sometimes, the font needs to be changed as the target language might not be supported and the sizing may change, to get around this, change the *.strings file to look like this:

"welcome" = "こんにちは", 16, "Osaka";
"computer" = "コンピュータ", 16, "Osaka";

This says, when replacing the text, change the font size to 16, and the font to Osaka. Font names are in PostScript format.

The designer then runs his orginal PSD file through the Psd Localizer app. A new PSD file is generated called: productLaunch.ja-JP.psd - he opens it up and sees his English text has been converted to the Japanese specified in the strings file, the documents style remains intact.

If the company then wants to launch in a new country, the designer only needs to create a new *.strings file and run Psd Localizer again, it quickly generates the new PSD file.


You must have one of the following software packages already installed on your Mac:

Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS4

Example files can be found here: