ProfExam Simulator

Developer: Dmitriy Delistoyan

Current Version: 6.1

Last Updated: 15 hours ago

Download Size: 1.3 MB - Download



Simple exam simulator. With ProfExam Simulator, you can practice through tests and exams created with ProfExam Builder earlier (files with the *.vcex and *.exam extensions).

The application can both assess your knowledge and facilitate self-training. Friendly interface, displaying hints, case study, and exhibitions.


Release Notes:

1. New types of questions:
- Point & Shoot: the user is to answer the question by putting a red dot in a right place on a picture.
- Hot area: the questions, where the user needs to mark the right areas on a picture.
- Drag & Drop: to give a right answer, the user needs to drag the answer choices to the right positions on a picture.
2. New file format - VCEX and file extensions (*.vcex). Now files sizes are 2-3 times smaller.
3. Testlets and Question sets