Developer: Michael Markert

Current Version: 3.6

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Procoding – Coding with Style: The award winning JavaScript IDE for iPad & iPhone is now available for OS X!

Create interactive visuals with Procoding. The clean one-window interface, individually optimized for the best JavaScript coding experience, featuring a syntax highlighting and code-checking editor with automatic live preview and integrated reference, brings back the fun in programming with JavaScript.

Procoding is a mobile code sketching IDE for JavaScript focusing on creative coding and small mobile WebApps using HTML5 web technologies. Your sketches automatically sync with Procoding Mobile via iCloud, so you can run (and edit!) your sketches on your iPad or iPhone (the optional Procoding Mobile app is available as a separate download on the iTunes App Store). You can also export your sketches as stand-alone HTML5 project folder.

The document window helps you concentrate on what's important:

1. Your code. Procoding's code editor has been developed with great care and comes with some exciting new editor features. The live JSHint Syntax Checker is a unique feature and helps find and fix errors during typing. The editor also provides clickable colors, slidable numbers, and many more features…

2. The preview. No need to save and switch windows: Just code and see the result. New with Handoff & Continuity: instant preview with Safari on any of your nearby devices thanks to a built-in local web server.

3. The reference. Right next to your editor. Drag and drop to insert syntax snippets or use the autocompletion feature.

4. Adding Resources. Drag your files onto the resource manager pane and Procoding automatically adds the files to the document, creates and inserts the relevant HTML elements and sets up a variable based on the filename. For example:
· add "mysound.mp3" and you can type: ";" (JavaScript only)
· add any image as resource. Then drag the resource in the editor to get the code snippet.

· Create, edit & run HTML5 Canvas/JavaScript .js, D3.js, Node.js, Procoding.js, Paper.js or Processing(js) .pde sketches
· Full-featured code editor that includes syntax highlighting, expression evaluator, color selector (click on color values), number slider (drag to change numbers), find & replace, and stylish themes
· iCloud keeps your sketches in sync across devices; Procoding Mobile for iPad and iPhone is available as an optional, separate download from the AppStore
· Automatic Live Preview with a bonjour enabled local web server
· Easy to add images, sounds, custom fonts, HTML snippets, CSS files, JS libraries and additional code (classes) with the Resource Manager: Just drag and drop files and a variable with the name of the file is automatically created
· Export as HTML5 stand-alone project folder and run your sketches on any modern web browser without Procoding
· PDE and JS File import/export
· Save screenshots
· Integrated reference index with syntax snippet inserter (drag & drop to editor); included offline reference** for JavaScript (ECMA/JavaScript, native APIS like Canvas, JSON, Geolocation, Local Storage…, HTML, CSS), Paper.js and Procoding.js
· Interactive** webkit console and JSHint live syntax checker** to find and fix errors as you type (**JavaScript sketches only)
· Supports Autosave and Versions
· Comes with exciting demo sketches, e.g. showing how to use multitouch, geolocation and many others

* Procoding uses HTML5 Canvas and supports processing.js, a JavaScript port of the processing language. Therefore some features of Processing aren't supported:
· No external processing libraries
· Modified processing.js source code available on
** JavaScript sketches only


Release Notes:

Fixed webServer preview, fixed run-with-node.js, and other bug-fixes