Private Browser - Batch download images, batch save webpages

Developer: Dummy Apps

Current Version: 2.7

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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* Protect App launch by password, protect your browse history and bookmarks.
* Batch open any number of webpages
* Batch save and sort all images in webpage to disk, save a lot of time and effort.
* Batch convert webpages to WebArchive, PDF and Image files.

[ How to use it: ]
1. Enter website URL and browse just like any web browser. the tool will save all images in the browsed webpage automatically.
2. Open "EasyWebBrowser" in "Downloads" folder with Finder(~/Downloads/PrivateBrowser") , check the downloaded and sorted images.

[ App Features: ]
1. Protect app launch by password.
2. Download images from all kinds of websites automatically, including tumblr, flickr, Facebook, all website,all bbs,all forums and etc.
3. Rich image filters to decide which images to download, such as by size, by resolution and by type.
4. Rich option to sort downloaded images, it can save images to disk by site, by resolution, by type.
5. Can star and stop downloading any time.
6. Has bookmark function, support to sort bookmark by date and view count.
7. Support to batch save webpage to Webarchive, PDF file and image file.

[ Contact: ]
Email: [email protected]

===========User FAQs=============

1. Why bookmarks and preference settings lost sometimes?
A: It is OSX problem, reboot OSX and try again.

2. Why only part of images in webpage are downloaded?
A: the unfinished download tasks of the webpage will be cancelled automatically when you jump to the next webpage, so you should wait the downloading tasks finish before you jump to the next webpage.

3. Why can not download the same images again?
A: To save disk space, App support download history, the same images can be only download once to avoid duplicate download, if you want to download the same images multi-times, please click the menu "Clear Cache" to empty the download cache and try to download again.

4. How to save pdf file without border? 
A: use shortcuts("command +e"/"command_,") to adjust window frame to fit the webpage size, then the saved PDF file has no border.

5. Where does the webarchives, pdf file and image files saved?
A: Sse shortcuts (command+o) to open the store folder.

6. How to backup or restore bookmarks?
A: Please backup or restore the file named "BookMarks.plist" in download folder.


Release Notes:

* Fix bug


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3
Review by RafAngel1

One of my Favorites - There are several add-ons that allow you to save images from the web, but none that make the process as simple as this app. With this app, all embedded images that meet your criteria (currently limited to file size, dimensions, and type only) will be downloaded to a folder of your choice. You can still perform manual downloads as well (useful for linked images and for more specific selection) and disable automatic downloading. This app has saved me a lot of time. The only possible areas for improvement might be: 1) Consistent host attribution between automatic and manual downloads, 2) Consistent file modification timestamps between automatic and manual downloads, 3) More refined filtering criteria. Other than that, it’s great.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.7
Review by RafAngel1

Working for me again - Thanks for fixing the bug. It now works great again.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people