PreviewThis! - Canvas & Wall Art Preview

Developer: Justin Hickling

Current Version: 1

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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PreviewThis! is a new app designed specifically to help you showcase how your images and artwork will look when printed and hung on a wall.

Its many uses include:
- Showing a client how a canvas/print would look in various sizes
- Checking if a print/canvas will match the room style and colour
- Showcasing your images for sale via social media

Load a background image and set the document scale by measuring an object in the image.

Add image frames and configure them with shadow and stroke. You can also add text annotations.

Easily export your preview to local storage, email or popular social networks using OSX's built in sharing.

To view a video demo, please head to our support page.

**Version Notes**
Version 1 focuses on getting the basics right, and future versions will evolve based on user feedback.
Many more features are in the pipeline for future updates.

You would be doing us a great favour by submitting your feedback/bug reports. Please click the app support link to submit feedback. (


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1
Review by Rachelmarie625

Lacking simple tools - I decided to try this app since it’s one of the few – if not the only software options solely for displaying images on a wall – that I can use on my Mac and isn't strictly for iPad. The basics of this app are great; if I’m showing a client strictly canvas wrap options, the basic tools work sufficiently and I can get my point across. I like the ease of measuring objects to set the scale, and the fact that I can upload any photo for room reference; this makes the process simple for my clients as well, since they can just text me a photo of their room with dimensions and I can load it right in. It is lacking some basic functions: being able to select a group of images and move them together, rotating images, resizing a frame after an image has been added to it (currently have to delete it and make a new frame size and reload an image), being able to arrange the frames from front to back in layering terms, to name a few. It also is a bit glitchy and sometimes will lose the images in the frames for no reason, or will randomly not allow me to add more frames. It’s also lacking an actual frame upload option. I sell custom frame collections and would love to be able to upload those frames and show them displayed with my clients’ photos. SImply adding just the print sizes doesn’t accurately show how much space the frames themselves will take up on the wall as well. For the price, this app works sufficiently, however, these are some improvements I would gladly pay extra to have since the number of Mac compatible software options for just wall photo displays is sadly limited.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1
Review by BBT2017

Doesn’t Work (Purchased in 2017) - Just bought this app and it does not work. An image can be loaded but everything is locked and un-able to be used. Waste of a few dollars.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people