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Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Position is a tool that allows you to easily calculate the required image size and positions of all of your images in a row, given the width of the available space and the number of images you want to place.

For example, a typical iPhone screen resolution is 480 x 320. In landscape mode your available width is 480. Let's assume that you want to place 4 images horizontally within the available space you have and that you want those 4 images to be exactly the same width and have exactly the same gap between them.

All you would have to do is enter in your values. So let's assume 4 images with a gap of 20 pixels between each image with 480 pixels of width available and our starting position set to 20 pixels. The result would be 95 pixels width for each image with the positions of 20,135,250,365

I designed this app to help me with the positioning of images for some of my iphone apps, specifically the level select menu for Elementals HD. I found it very useful and so I thought I would make it a Mac App and add it to the Mac App Store for everyone to use.


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Version 1.0
Review by Insomniak

Decent start - Considering the price its not bad but then again it's really not doing a lot. Ideally if they could add a little more complex calculations to it, it would be worth buying. Suggestions: 1. Consider that it might be used for more than images. 2. Support different image sizes. i.e. 3 images, first one is 200, second is 476, total width 980. What is 3rd? 3. Support percentage calc. If I have 980 total width, and 3 items, first is 650, second is 200, what are the percentages of each?

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