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Developer: DIP Studio

Current Version: 1.5.5

Last Updated: 3 days ago

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Productivity Countdown timer to apply timeboxing methodology for your Todoist™, Trello™, Wunderlist™, Asana™, Evernote™, Slack, Microsoft™ To-Do and Microsoft™ Outlook Tasks, Google Calendar etc.

PomoDoneApp enhances your task management system with timeboxing methodology (including Pomodoro technique™ and many others) to boost your efficiency. Sync your tasks, focus on them and get the work done.

NB: PomoDoneApp is NOT related to the Pomodoro Technique™/Pomodoro™'s trademark holder Cirillo Company and respects its trademarks.

Key features:

• Sync your tasks from your Task Management systems or create tasks from your browser (Chrome extension)
• Customize to maximize productivity:
○ Timer, short and long break duration
○ Number of timers between long breaks
○ Auto-start timer and break
• Start, pause, or stop timer
• Switch between tasks within one timer
• Complete the task - with sync back to your task management system!
• Hotkeys for all important actions
• Optional sound alerts for ticking and alarm when timer and/or break is over (use your own custom audio files) - finally!
• Today’s in-app productivity log and daily goal
• Task search
• Tasks Filtering by assignee
• Favorite your task from different sources
• Interruption Notes
• Create tasks and projects in the App

PomoDoneApp service is free!

More integrations with unlimited log access and log sharing are available via our Premium Plans that helps us to keep the lights on, develop and maintain this service.

With the purchase you receive 2 months of our “Ultimate Plan” (worth €10) for free. Enjoy unlimited log access, advanced integrations and features and decide later if you want to support the service.

Integration with tasks and notes management systems:
• Trello
• Todoist
• Wunderlist
• Evernote
• 印象笔记 (YinXiang)
• Google Calendar & iCal
• Microsoft ToDo
• Zapier
• Toodledo

Outbound integrations:
• Slack
• iCal
• Zapier
• Microsoft Teams

Additional integrations for Premium Users (2 months trial included):
• Basecamp
• Asana
• Microsoft Outlook Tasks
• Slack Pro
• PivotalTracker

Don’t see yours? Let us know, we’re adding new services all the time.

Brilliant things are simple. 25 minutes of work + 5 minutes break. That’s all you need to keep your mind sharp all day. With PomoDoneApp you can be sure you won’t miss a break.

PomoDoneApp icon in your toolbar allows you to start, stop, and pause a task in just seconds.

Don’t enter tasks manually! Connect your task management system and start using PomoDoneApp just in 3 minutes.

Use Pomodoro technique™ to keep track of time you spend on your tasks. All your time boxes are being logged to your account and can be filtered out by source, project, list, date range or bucket. Download raw data as CSV anytime. Receive your reports via email daily, weekly and monthly.

Connect Slack™ or Microsoft™ Teams and notify your team when you're busy and when you're done.
Connect iCal/Google Calendar and see your achievements in Calendar View.

FAQ: http://pomodoneapp.com/faq.html
Profile Management: https://my.pomodoneapp.com/

PomoDoneApp is not affiliated with Francesco Cirillo.
Pomodoro Technique™ and Pomodoro™ are registered trademarks of Francesco Cirillo.
All logos and marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.


Release Notes:

Hot News:
• GitHub Issues integration
• Task list screen: New wide view mode
• Global Hotkeys Fix
• Custom sounds app restart fix
• Toggl integration
• Bunch of fixes and improvements

Previous versions:
• Basecamp 3 Task Groups support
• Timer reminder on/off from tray menu
• NB: No session reset on Manual Stop anymore!
• Today/Overdue for Outlook Tasks and Microsoft ToDo
• JIRA sync back settings
• Daily, Weekly and Monthly Email reporting
• Done Status Fix for Smart Folders
• Daily, Weekly and Monthly Email reporting
• New in-app Daily Log access Icon
• Timer Sync
• Energy/Processor saving in background mode
• YinXiang support
• In-App Log Improvements (Previous/Next Days Log + Notes right inside of the app)
• Wider columns on wider screen
• Microsoft Teams Integration
• Todoist task indents
• New Todoist Today view
• Microsoft To-Do Integration
• Microsoft Outlook Tasks Integration (Premium)
• Slack Pro Integration (Do Not Disturb mode management, Status Update, Log Details Request Magic Button)
• Evernote Tag Filtering (Premium)
• Official Zapier Partnership
• Pause event on sleep issue is fixed
• App's Log bug fixed
• Basecamp 3 Integration
• Zapier Inbound Integration improvement
• Global Hotkeys! Start/Pause/Stop your timers and Show your App from anywhere using just your keyboard.
• Due date: See your tasks due dates everywhere it's defined. Define due date for local tasks. Change the due dates.
• Overdue and Today smart folders for Trello, Wunderlist, Evernote etc
• Local Project items can be re-ordered

We would really appreciate your feedback and review! Bug reports and feature requests are welcome. Please get in touch with us in @pomodoneapp on Twitter, facebook.com/pomodoneapp, and pomodoneapp.com/feedback.html


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.4
Review by LelandMosbye

—Finally a pomodoro that plays with others. - I love the pomodoro technique, but it’s been a pain to coordinate with my current task list. Thanks for making this! My only recommendation is to build in a way of estimating how many pomodoros it might take and then comparing it with how many you’ve completed on that task. Thanks again for making this!

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.0.13
Review by BangZoomEnt

Requires sign-up with their online service - This program is not stand-alone. It requires that you sign-up and build an account with them in order to use it, which then immediately tries to upsell you to one if their paid subscriptions. Refund requested.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people