Poker family

Developer: jianan lei

Current Version: 5.8

Last Updated: 1 year ago

Download Size: 18.7 MB - Download


Poker family is a very popular card puzzle game, game goal is try to remove all cards on the table in the shortest time and get the highest score.

Poker family is designed only for desk computer, it is not suitable for potable book pro/air, because its smallest game view is 1460x960.

Playing rules:
(1) Click the bare cell (no card), the other two or four cell with cards which direct (cross) connected with the clicked cell, if the value of the two or four cards are the same, the two or four cards will be removed from the table.
Notes: the Jokers are with the same card value,and can be removed form the table.
(2) Game goal: Remove all the cards on the table within the limited time and get the highest score.
Playing Tips:
(1) If the counter down (left time) is less than 60 seconds, click the "Clock" button, you can add 45 seconds. Only once for each level.
(2) Replace cards: if there are no cards can be removed or if you want, you can replace the cards at any time by clicking the button with arrow.
(3) Pause the game: you can pause or replay the game at any time by clicking the pause button.
Pokers family has three level, easy, normal and hard,
Easy: 2 Levels, Easy 1 , Easy 2
Normal: 2 Levels, Normal 1 , Normal 2
Hard: 3 Levels, Hard 1 , Hard 2 , Hard 3
(1) Basic score: remove one card, 10 points/each card.
(2) Level score: After removing all the cards, total score will add Level score。
(3)Time score: Removing all the cards within the limited time, do not use add time function, total score will be added according to left time:
(4)Wrong click minus score:
Click the cell with card or touch the bare cell but no cards can be removed, total score will minus 1 point by each click.
(5)Add time minus score:
If you use the add time function, total score will minus 100 point.


Release Notes:

Some improvements.