Planet of Cubes Survival Games

Developer: SolverLabs

Current Version: 4.0

Last Updated: 2 months ago

Download Size: 86.7 MB - Download


Welcome to Planet of Cubes Survival Games - the ONLY SURVIVAL Real Time Mmo Multiplayer block building game with thousands of players online in the MASSIVE open world made of cubes and blocks. Planet of Cubes is a FREE game for the whole family: adults and kids, boys and girls! Download and play it now!

- Find and mine resources like coal, gold, diamonds and more. Dig, destroy and mine blocks.
- Craft various tools, block craft, and create different blocks, items and food.
- Master weapons, armor and shooting weapon to survive in the battles with other players and mobs to win the battle wars.
- Create your own team and build your base with friends to survive and protect yourself from monsters like zombies and spiders, creepers and skeletons, army of hostile players and fighting teams.
- Brew potions to progress faster. Obtain cool effects.
- Grow plants, breed animals, and block craft for building your own live farm!
- Meet friends from all over the multiplayer block world and add them to the Friend List.
- Chat globally with players around you or start private chats with your friends only. Teleport to any friend instantly using scrolls.
- A huge selection of blocks and texture packs will make your game even more fun. Start building with a few blocks, and then build and block craft your huge block world in Creative or Survival Mmo FREE Games.
- Rent your own areas (CHUNKS) of this beautiful Planet to save your buildings.
- Cities and megalopolis, houses and kingdoms, skycrapers and pixel art and more excited places are waiting for your exploration on the open multiplayer block world.
- Make mini online games like parkour, pvp, pixelmon, hide and seek, deathmatch and more.
- Customize your character by selecting your unique skin from 160+ available skins inside 7 themed skin packs.

Planet of Cubes FREE Games gives you infinite number of possibilities and endless potential for all your survival craft and creative building needs in the global multiplayer online games. Do anything and everything according your imagination. Download and play it now!



Release Notes:

Hurry up to download an EXHILARATING update with new OFFLINE game modes : Survival SINGLEPLAYER and Creative SINGLEPLAYER! Tons of new excited features: NEW MOBS, TAMING, Splash Potions, Chain Armor, Bone Meal, Fire and More! Stay tuned for exciting upcoming updates.

+ Added SINGLEPLAYER Survival and Creative
+ Added New Main Menu UI
+ Added 2 new passive mobs: Wolf and Ocelot
+ Added 4 new hostile mobs: Enderman, Witch, Husk Zombie, Charged Creeper
+ Tame WOLF with a Bone
+ Tame OCELOT with a Fish
+ Be careful! ENDERMAN attacking in the dark places!
+ WITCH drops splash potions! Fight!
+ HUSK ZOMBIE not burning on the sun
+ CHARGED CREEPER explodes hard
+ Redesigned Mobs, added amazing AI improvements
+ Redesigned Player model, added cool AI improvements
+ Redesigned All Types of Armor! Enjoy!
+ Added new CHAIN ARMOR (dropped from Zombies and Skeletons)
+ Added FIRE entity: use flint and steel to make a fire!
+ Added SPLASH POTIONS : drop potions on players and mobs now
+ Added BONE MEAL, and LAPIS LAZULI to dye wool
+ Added ability to cultivate HUGE MUSHROOMS
+ Added strong and weak rain
+ Added falling blocks logic to sand and gravel
+ Added many other exited improvement to the game! Download new v4.0 NOW!



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