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Developer: Aerende, Inc.

Current Version: 1.4

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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The Pilates Classic Magic Circle DT app presents the classic Pilates series of exercises in the classic sequential order, but with a Magic Circle which is a flexible circle that you squeeze while doing the exercises. Performing Pilates with a Magic Circle works the inner muscles of your arms and legs.

The classic order has been designed to loosen up your muscles first before exercising them. These exercises were designed to be performed anywhere and now that they are available on the Mac you can have a portable guide that you can reference anywhere. This app contains all of the movies so that you do not need Internet access to view the movies.

Each exercise has a video of Marian Tasker demonstrating the exercise along with his vocal instruction coaching you through the exercise as if you were taking his personal class in any of the many studios in which he teaches. There is also a separate text version of each exercise, with pictures, that explain how to perform each exercise.

You can select to view each video individually, or you can select to view the videos in sequence starting from the first video you select to see.

Magic Circle Exercises -

1. Hip Lifts
2. Upper Abdominal Curls
3. Hundreds
4. Single Leg Rollup
5. Rollup
6. Rollover
7. Hamstring Stretch
8. Single Leg Circles
9. Rolling Like A Ball
10. Single Leg Stretches
11. Double Leg Stretches
12. Single Straight Leg Stretches
13. Double Straight Leg Stretches
14. Criss Cross
15. Spine Stretch Forward
16. Open Leg Rocker
17. Corkscrew Prep
18. Corkscrew
19. Saw
20. Swan
21. Double Leg Kicks
22. Long Arm Rollup
23. Jacknife
24. Spine Twist
25. Side Leg Series
26. Teaser
27. Swimming
28. Standing


Release Notes:

Fixed crash in sequential video mode.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3
Review by marshajoyce

great ap for experienced pilates people - This is a well-designed quick program to allow you to do a Pilates class at home. The demos are in perfect form, so it is easy to set up your laptop next to you and have the equivalent of one-on-one instruction. You can pause it or play the exercises individually if you choose to do more reps than are indicated, or play it straight through and get a good stretch and core routine in a short period of time.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people