PhotosBlender - Linear or Square Image Blending

Developer: Limit Point Software

Current Version: 1.1.4

Last Updated: 7 months ago

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PhotosBlender is an app for combining photos horizontally, vertically or square using gradient blending at the seams where they are joined.

PhotosBlender has an iOS companion, Photo Blender:

What can PhotosBlender do for me?

• Blends photos to create photomontages.

• Blends vertically (up or down), horizontally (left or right) or perfect squares.

• Blend your blends to create arrays of blended photos.

• Variable blending gradient or overlap.

It's easy to use:

1) Locate the files you want to blend in the Finder, Photos, or your web browser.

2) Drag the files you want to blend into the Blender window's "photo browser" at the bottom.

Drag and Drop the files in the browser to reorder - drag in between each other, or swap them - drag one on top of the other.

3) Photos are blended using a blending gradient. You can choose the width of this gradient in the Preferences window. Set it to 0 to simply abut them.

4) Use the "Blend" button in the lower right corner of the window to blend the photos.

If you quickly click the blend button the photos in the photo browser will be blended horizontally.

To obtain the menu for selection of the vertical or square blend option simply click down on the Blend button until it appears.

Square blends are for 4, 9 or 16 images, as 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 arrays respectively.

5) When the blending is completed it will appear in the "Result" window.

If the result is not what you expected, double check that the size and resolution of the images are similar. PhotosBlender will "trim" the result to match the width and or height of the smallest photo.

If you want to create "arrays" of blended photos simply blend your photos horizontally first, saving each result, and then blend these results vertically.


Release Notes:

• A new option has been added to the Preferences window for blending labelled 'Inset By Cropping'

If this option is NOT selected then images will be inset by scaling them down to reveal the background color rather than by cropping them. Inset by cropping is the default.

This is useful if you want to inset the images to reveal a background color without trimming any of the images.

Previous recent update:

• New blending options:

Blend 'left to right' now has a complimentary blend 'right to left'
Blend 'bottom to top' now has a complimentary blend 'top to bottom'

• Fixed an issue where some types of images were not blended at the right resolution, leading to low resolution output.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.1
Review by lundi's 2 cents

Easy, fast, time saving photo tool! - Blending and joining photos with this app saves me a ton of time alternative methods would require. The ability to join photos together with no blending is very helpful. Regarding a previous reviewer: I found that if the size of the result is smaller than expected it is because the input images did not have similar size or resolution. I just set the resolution of all images to 72 dpi (which I do in The developer did make a note about this in the description. Highly recommended.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.0
Review by 5059

No Controls….Save your money - Really cant do much with this app, all it allows you to do is place pictures side by side and have a transition between the photos. I thought it would allow for some control over opacity and placement of photo. Other apps allow a background picture and then add and manipulate placement of others on top of the Background, if that is what your looking for this isnt the one. Oh and btw…if you try to access the help menu it is just a dead link. UPDATE: I just lowered it from 2 stars to 1……after using this a couple times now i cant load more than 2 pictures at a time and there is no "blend horizontal" feature as shown in the picture above….support is none existant….this is exactly why the App Store should require that these app developers give trials for these apps prior to purchase. The app store collects commisions on these untested applications and offers no recourse when they dont work. Its only $10 but the app store should have better qaulity control than this!

Found helpful by 10 out of 10 people