PhotoSync – transfer and backup photos & videos

Developer: touchbyte GmbH

Current Version: 3.2

Last Updated: 9 months ago

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It’s all about one thing – the best and easiest way to transfer, backup and share your photos & videos! Any kind of transfer – PhotoSync can handle it!

The FREE native PhotoSync companion for Mac is the best solution to transfer your photos & videos directly between your Mac and iPhone/iPad over the local Wi-Fi network.

Note: This application requires the iOS version of “PhotoSync” ($2.99) installed and running on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The PhotoSync app can be downloaded from the App Store:
What you can do with PhotoSync:

Transfer & backup from iPhone/iPad to Mac:
• Transfer, move and backup your photos & videos from iPhone/iPad directly to your Mac over the local Wi-Fi network. Transfer is fast and secure. Photos & Videos never go over the Internet.
• Photos & videos are transferred in full resolution with all metadata intact
• Selectable target folder, flexible storage options and transfer quality options
• Direct import into OS X Photos, Aperture and iPhoto

Transfer from Mac to iPhone/iPad:
• Send photos & videos directly from your Mac to your iPhone/iPad over the local Wi-Fi network. Simply drag & drop the photos/videos you want on your device onto the PhotoSync icon in the dock and transfer them in seconds!
• Received photos & videos are imported directly into the Camera Roll or an album you defined
• Choose from existing albums on your iPhone/iPad as transfer destination or create new albums/folders
• Direct transfer from the OS X Photos App to your iPhone/iPad (Share Sheet Support)

• Safe & secure
Pictures and videos are not stored on any external server, never leave your local Wi-Fi network nor go over the Internet
• No limitations
Copy, share and backup an unlimited number of full resolution photos, HD videos and RAW files. All EXIF and GPS location information remain intact.
• Easy and convenient
No need to enter cryptic IP addresses– automatic device detection does the job for you! Transfer photos & videos simply by drag & drop!
• Blazingly fast transfers
Transfer photos & videos at full Wi-Fi bandwidth. No cable nor iTunes needed!
• Powerful and versatile
Choose among a wide-range of transfer options (filename, sub-directory creation, photo edits). Create folders and albums on your iPhone & iPad for your Mac and send photos/videos directly to them

• Transferring between Mac and iPhone/iPad requires PhotoSync installed and running on both devices. You only need to purchase PhotoSync for iOS once and can install it on all your iOS devices using the same iTunes account.
• Transferring between Mac computer and iPhone/iPad/ works directly over the local Wi-Fi network.
• PhotoSync for iPhone/iPad requires iOS 7 or later and is available in the AppStore at

More information
Visit our website for more information: http/
Or, contact us if you have any comment, suggestion or feedback to improve the app: [email protected]


Release Notes:

- New: Support for macOS Sierra
- New: Support for IPv6 networks


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.5.1
Review by Lindylou324

Love this App! Not really free BUT SO WORTH IT! - A good friend suggested this app so that I can turn off photo streaming. I want to be able to delete unwanted photos. This app allows me to sync photos to my Mac in a seperate folder on my desktop. Then I can delete etc. before I move to iphoto! I transferred 136 photos wirelessly in under 3 min. Very simple to use and you can use "preferences" to make your own folders! One issue is that even though the app for your Mac is free you have to pay $1.99 for the app for your iphone/ipod/ipad BUT IT IS WORTH IT!!

Found helpful by 18 out of 18 people
Version 1.3
Review by Calvindsy

Watch out - The app here is free, but is a paid app on the ios app store. That is completely not cool!!!!

Found helpful by 10 out of 25 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.2
Review by --**

quick, stable and multi-platform (always nice): update 2017 - JUNE 2017 update: Finally an update! Thought the app was going away, as updates were not common anymore... Works well, its a great app for ios and mac and windows. Have used for 4+ years. NOW supports AFP, as the Airport Extreme and Time Capsule support attaching hard drives to use as NAS (network attached storage) Thanks to the dev for writing and making me aware!! :)

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 3.2
Review by JAT2686

Can’t Transfer to IPhone - Purchased the App to transfer pictures from Mac to iPhone, avoiding clunky ITunes synch process. PhotoSynch has a nice clean interface and easily transfered pictures from phone to computer. However, it would not transfer to the phone. Steps appeared to work but the pictures never appeared in the phone’s camera roll even though phone and computer were on the same WIFI network and both were running the PhotoSynch App. Developer support indicated it was “a network problem.” I was unable to resolve and will have to find another App.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 3.2
Review by Shorebreeze

It used to be wonderful - I don’t know what happened. I’ve used this app for years. It was configured for my computer. All I had to do was touch the red button. It would select my new photos and transfer them to my computer automatically. All of a sudden, today, it just will not work. Grrrr. I touch the red button. Nothing happens. I changed some of the settings such that I would select those I wanted to transfer. Nothing. It just stopped. Guess I have to figure out another easy way to transfer photos from my phone to my Mac.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.2
Review by onnoweb

Disappointing - I expected the app to be able to read the iPhoto library and albums (or the Photos library and albums alternatively). I don’t want to sync from the hard drive. I want to sync particular albums.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.2
Review by pronerd

Dispite the name and claims has no ability to sync photos - Dispite the name and claims has no ability to sync your photos. It is a very basic totally manual file transfer tool with an extremely convulded process that is not at all viable if you have more than than handful of photos in your library. Cons: o Can not sync photos, can only send or receive (not both) files manually o Can not work with the entire library. Have to manaully go through each folder in your library one at a time. o When it sends files from the computer it puts them in the camera folder. So you then have to manually sort and organize photos on the phone. o When it sends files from phone to the computer it does not tell you where it put them, or ask you. You will have to do a search to manually find them. o Can only send or receive files. If you need to do both you wil have to go through the whole process twice for each folder o Have to manually turn on apps on both the phone and computer, and they have to stay on. If the phone goes dark the whole process dies. o Even with an app installed on your phone and computer the process is so convuluded that you will probably be told to open and web browser or go to other apps to complete the process. o It is common with these convoluded processes to take long enough that the phone will shut off due to inactivy which kills the whole process and you have to start over. o You will have to know which files are new on which device because this is a completely manual process. The process : You have to manually turn on an app on the phone, and an app on your computer. Then a single folder in your library, you can only do one a atime. Even after selecting a single folder it still can not sync that folder. You have to manually tell it you want to send files or receive files. If you need to do both you will have to repeat the whole process twice. Once you have picked the send or receive option you will then have to tell how you want to send or receive said files. Knowing which of those options to pick requires quite a bit of technical knowledge. Still not done. Now you have to select the files your self that you want to send or receive. Which means you have know which files are new on each device. And we still are not done. Now it will likely tell you that you have to go to a web browser or other application and perform more steps there. And again of that just updated one folder you will have to repeat all of that (probably twice) for every folder in your library.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people