Developer: Early Innovations, LLC

Current Version: 3.5.11

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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PhotoLinker provides an unprecedented level of map, GPS track and photo tag interactivity, making photo annotation a compelling project and not a dreadful chore. Whether your photos are geotagged using PhotoLinker or automatically geotagged using your camera, PhotoLinker lets you interact with and explore your photos on a variety high quality maps. Metadata Working Group compliance ensures that your annotations are read from and written to your photos using new industry standards.

Map your photos and explore your tracks
• Explore your geotagged photos on a variety of high quality maps
• Add and display image direction
• Fine tune the image direction added by your camera
• Explore your GPS track history on a variety of maps
• View information about individual track points or the entire track
• Stylize your tracks and waypoints choosing size, border and fill color

Annotate your photos
• Customize the metadata editor to use exactly the tags you want
• Regroup, reorder, and rename tags to streamline your workflow
• Track exactly how your photos' metadata will be modified
• Choose from roughly 100 industry standard tags such as title, people and keywords
• Ensure your photo metadata complies with Metadata Working Group standards
• Write tags directly to the photo, its sidecar or both
• Tags are read and written with the excellent open source tool ExifTool
• Support for jpeg and most RAW file formats including XMP sidecar files

Geotag your photos
• Drag in GPS tracks and photos; immediately view proposed geotag locations
• Watch proposed locations change instantly as you adjust the photo time or time zone
• Choose from array of advanced criteria for determining which photos are geotagged
• See exactly where the photos will be before you hit the geotag button
• No GPS track? Drag a photo from browser to map and boom!, you've geotagged your photo
• Automatically fetch city, state, and country tags

Advanced date tools
• Incorrect time on your camera? PhotoLinker makes correction easy
• Add dates to scanned photos
• Copy dates between tags
• You can even set the Finder's file creation date to the date the photo was taken

iPhoto and Aperture
• Drag in photos from iPhoto or Aperture to annotate and geotag
• Write changes to the photo and sync back to iPhoto

Share and Showoff your adventures
• Built-in slideshow with a customizable map featuring your tracks and photo points alongside
• Export resized images containing all of the correctly formatted metadata
• Export photo metadata in a number of formats


Release Notes:

Fixed a bug that prevented PhotoLinker from launching without an internet connection.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.5.1
Review by iPhanBoy

Great software! - I’ve been using GPSPhotoLinker for several years now to edit the location information on my photos (I have an external GPS device that logs my location and then PhotoLinker matches it up). The latest version of GPSPhotoLinker doesn’t work on OS 10.9 so I figured I’d upgrade to this and support the developer. At first the software threw errors whenever I tried to save my files so I contacted the developer who immediately worked with me to figure out what was wrong. Fantastic software and fantastic support!

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 3.5.8
Review by Alan in Oakland

Used to love it - There are many options now for georeferencing your photos by synchronizing the camera with a GPS track, but I always found PhotoLinker to be the easiest to use. However, I can no longer recommend it since serious bugs that I reported 2 months ago have not been addressed, or even acknowledged by the author. i suspect that the author has gone on to other things, and is no longer updating the program, and I cannot recommend this program any more. Read on if you want to see my bug reports. It is not these bug reports per sa that lead me to give a one-star review, but the lack of response to my bug reports. I’ll update this review if the author responds to my bug reports. Bug report 1: Drag two or more tracks (gpx files) onto the main window of PhotoLinker. The first will be imported, but the rest will not. Then the strange thing—if you try to import these gpx tracks by either dragging them onto the main window, or using the Tracks::Load track from file menu item, they will not import. It appears that if you drag two or more tracks onto the main window, PhotoLinker tries to import them, fails, but then leaves them in the database. Then when you try to import them later, PhotoLinker thinks that they are "already imported" and refuses to process them. Work-around is to delete the tracks from the database, then either drag them onto PhotoLinker 1 by 1, or use the Load track from file menu item and select multiple tracks. Bug report 2: Drag multiple photos (I have both the raw file and the xmp) onto PhotoLinker, and it the Photo Read & Write Log window comes up saying "Error opening file" for every file. Work-around is to use the Load Photos from File menu item and select multiple items. Other bugs: I have run into other bugs in PhotoLinker, but haven’t figured out how to replicate them yet. Given the lack of response by the author, it would probably be wasted effort to try to pin them down.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people