PhotoDefiner Editor

Developer: RGBChannel

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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A new image compressor.
Simple and easy to use image compression Mac OS X utility that will allow you to quickly compress your photos and export them to the CPD, JPD, GPD formats and other.
Saving around 25/30 % (For 24 bits true color images).

1. The CPD (Compression PhotoDefiner) image format, as an alternative to the .PNG format for create a smaller compressed images.

2. The GPD (Graphic PhotoDefiner) image format, as an alternative to the .PNG and the .GIF formats.
It uses lossless image compression that can greatly reduce the size of graphic files.

3. The JPD (Joint PhotoDefiner) is a compressed raster image format used by PhotoDefiner, as an alternative to the .JPG format. It uses lossy compression that quantizes the color space before DCT.

4. JpegDefiner: based on the use of the Dark Method in a flat table (personalization).
Result for the users, save an actual .jpg file, but also re-compress an old file stored in the .jpg format.

LIGHT parameter: this function has the same proprieties of a camera diaphragm that permits increasing light without fading the colors up to a certain point. 
Light operates on image in a global way by recalculating intensity of each pixel and not by simply increasing or decreasing brightness.

Decode CPD, GPD and JPD with:
Apple Mac OS:
1 - QuickTime Player with PhotoDefiner Decoder component. (free on
2 - PhotoDefiner Viewer (free on Mac Apple Store)

Windows OS:
3 - QuickTime Player with the PhotoDefiner Decoder component. (free on
4 - PhotoDefiner Viewer (Free on )


Release Notes:

Added JpegDefiner.
Added export to standard formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF and much more.
Added support for Retina display.Fixed QuickLook module and UTI configuration.