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Erase Photo Element can easily remove unwanted objects, remove watermark, date, stamps, fix imperfections on skin and so on. Choose those objects click "Erase" . You can choose erasing modes according to what you think, the software supply 6 modes

Inpaint - Magically Remove Unwanted Objects and People From Your Photos! Top Reasons to use Inpaint: *Repair old photos *Remove watermarks *Erasing Power Lines *Remove unwanted objects *Digital Facial retouching *Delete unwanted people from p

*** Don't forget to download "Super PhotoCut" which magically cut out object from photo. 50% OFF! *** Intelligent Scissors is an easy-to-use image editor to remove unwanted objects from your photo, such as people, text, building or anything else and

Photo Inpaint help you to remove unwanted objects or people from your photos! 

Main Reasons to use Photo Inpaint: - Repair old photos - Remove watermarks 
 - Remove unwanted objects 
 - Delete unwanted people from photo

With Background Eraser you can easily remove any background from your photos. You no longer need to be a designer! Drag or load the photo from your hard disk and then... 1. Choose the tool. 2. Choose whether to save the photo with or without a back

* * * 70% Off Time Limited Offer * * * * * * Cool Creations! Top recommended apps for photographers! * * * Watermark Plus is an easy and intuitive bulk photo converter that lets you add text/image watermarks, resize and rename a bunch of photos at

60% OFF. Special Offer. Snapheal removes unwanted objects & people from photos in 1 click. Plus get rid of skin imperfections, restore old scanned photos and much more. Here's what you'll get in Snapheal. MULTI-FACTOR HEALING Most other image

MagicWatermarks lets you add text and/or image/logos watermarks to one or many images and script it over a folder of your Photos. Powerful and Easy: • Add multiple High-resolution Texts or Image/Logos Watermarks to your photos, click and typ

powerful tools for make watermark for photo, you can use text or image as you watermark . batch process. Main Features: 1.Add text watermark 2.Add image watermark 3.Rotate text and image watermark 4.Make you watermark transparency 5.Set font and co

***** Holiday Special for a Limited Time!!! Regular Price: $14.99 **** Get it to create your cards to record the happy moments. iFunia PhotoCollage is a simple, fun and novel tool to create and share beautiful photo collages. It can help you to tr

A application that allows you to add 3D text to your photos, and then save ,print or email it. Wish you like it. Key Features: - You can choose the rotation of X, Y or Z axis - Select the move tool,then you can move the text in 3D space - Support ov

This app enhanced all photos in your Photo Album or the directory you choose with one touch. You can also add text watermark and current date on the photo. It automatically removes red eyes, adjusts the brightness and others to makes the photo prett

Perfect Portrait gives your the fastest and easiest way to create stunning portraits. You’ll be able to improve skin texture, remove blemishes, even out skin tones, brighten eyes and teeth, and remove red eye. You'll get natural and realistic r

Organize your photos and videos in minutes with Silent Sifter. If you are suffering from digital photo overload, you can get organized and stay organized with Silent Sifter. Tell Silent Sifter what you want, and let it do the tedious work. Perfect

Did you know that there is meta data embedded in every photo you upload to the internet? Sensitive data such as the camera owner's name, GPS location, time, date and much more. All this information is visible to anyone on the internet! With EXIF Str

"You can easily get so much more out of your photos – if you have the right tool. cf/x photo is that tool." NOTE: this limited edition of photo is FREE FOR YOUR EVERY DAY USE and has the same features as the full version except high resolutio

*** Image Converter + Metadata Editor + Photo Browser *** PhotoMill helps you convert a bulk of images into the most popular image formats, give your files meaningful names, watermark with text and image, adjust photos (brightness/saturation/exposur

* Convert your favorite avatars, photos into plain TEXT! * Magic way to visualize photo in text with custom chars. Watch the screenshots to feel how it works, and it just works. Where to use Photo 2 Text? + Screw around with your friends + Freak yo

"You can easily get so much more out of your photos – if you have the right tool. cf/x photo is that tool." ALL THE TOOLS YOU'LL EVER NEED. cf/x photo highlights: - integrated workflow that includes worktables for crop, effects (including 'Til

***** New Version Launch Sale for a Limited Time!!! Regular Price: $9.99 ***** iFunia Photo Watermark is an intuitive picture app for you customizing images with a variety of watermarking options. It enables you to watermark text, images, brand logo