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Photo Effect is useful tool for processing photos with the help of various filters.This app allows you to use more than 30 effects.With the Photo Effect,you can obtain many different effect on the photos and save them as different format which will promote your productivity.


✔Intuitive interface and use to use.
✔Support preview,restore,save and print photo.
✔Support six categories of filters here:blur effects,color effects,distortion effects,halftone effects,sharpen effects and stylize effects.Details are listed below:

✭ Box:Blurs an image using a box-shaped convolution kernel.
✭ Disc:Blurs an image using a disc-shaped convolution kernel.
✭ Gaussian:Spreads source pixels by an amount specified by a Gaussian distribution.
✭ MedianFilter:Computes the median value for a group of neighboring pixels and replaces each pixel value with the median.
✭ Motion:Blurs an image to simulate the effect of using a camera that moves a specified angle and distance while capturing the image.
✭ NoiseReduction:Reduces noise using a threshold value to define what is considered noise.
✭ Zoom:Simulates the effect of zooming the camera while capturing the image.

✭ Invert:Inverts the colors in an image.
✭ Monochrome:Remaps colors so they fall within shades of a single color.
✭ Posterize:Remaps red, green, and blue color components to the number of brightness values you specify for each color component.
✭ MaskToAlpha:Converts a grayscale image to a white image that is masked by alpha.
✭ SepiaTone:Maps the colors of an image to various shades of brown.

✭ Bump:Creates a bump that originates at a specified point in the image.
✭ CircleSplash:Distorts the pixels starting at the circumference of a circle and emanating outward.
✭ CircularWrap:Wraps an image around a transparent circle.
✭ Glass:Creates a lozenge-shaped lens and distorts the portion of the image over which the lens is placed.
✭ Hole:Creates a circular area that pushes the image pixels outward, distorting those pixels closest to the circle the most.
✭ Pinch:Creates a rectangular-shaped area that pinches source pixels inward, distorting those pixels closest to the rectangle the most.
✭ Twirl:Rotates pixels around a point to give a twirling effect.

✭ CircularScreen:Simulates a circular-shaped halftone screen.
✭ DotScreen:Simulates the dot patterns of a halftone screen.
✭ LineScreen:Simulates the line pattern of a halftone screen.

✭ Luminance:Increases image detail by sharpening.
✭ UnsharpMask:Increases the contrast of the edges between pixels of different colors in an image.

✭ Bloom:Softens edges and applies a pleasant glow to an image.
✭ Comic:Simulates a comic book drawing by outlining edges and applying a color halftone effect.
✭ Crystallize:Creates polygon-shaped color blocks by aggregating source pixel-color values.
✭ Edges:Finds all edges in an image and displays them in color.
✭ EdgeWork:Produces a stylized black-and-white rendition of an image that looks similar to a woodblock cutout.
✭ Gloom:Dulls the highlights of an image.
✭ LineOverlay:Creates a sketch that outlines the edges of an image in black.
✭ Pixellate:Makes an image blocky by mapping the image to colored squares whose color is defined by the replaced pixels.
✭ Pointillize:Renders the source image in a pointillistic style.

Several easy steps to use Photo Effect:

-Click "Open" to load single photo which will display on the "Preview".

-Select the item on "Category" panel.

-Select the effect on "Effect" panel and move the slider to adjust corresponding parameter.You can preview the effect immediately.Click "Restore" to reload original photo.

-Click "Save" to save current effect as different format,support jpg,png,gif,tiff,pdf,ect.

-Click "Print" to print current effect.


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