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Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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PhoneWords is a utility to help you find what dictionary words can be derived from a telephone keypad.
Type in a phone number and display all the word combinations for that number. This may help you choose an easy to remember phone number when moving, or help you advertise your existing number.
Every phone number may have tens of thousands of letter combinations. Number Dictionary lets you find which of these are real words – in seconds.

• Choose a dictionary language from English (US), English (British), English (Lite), French, German, Icelandic, Italian or Spanish.
• Set the dictionary to look up the number as only a whole word or allow multiple words.
• Set the spelling threshold of the returned words. So over a certain number of the words must be correct, but some are allowed to be incorrect spellings.
• Convert any text into its equivalent number based on the most common keypads types: Australian Classic, International Standard, Mobile 1, North American Classic and UK Classic.
• You now have two extra columns, one for the total number of words in the combination (whether spelled correctly or not) and the number of letters in the longest correctly spelled word.


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Version 1.1
Review by Greg L

Good start - I got this primarily for the alpha-to-number feature. I tend to make errors with vanity phonewords like 1-800-COMPANY. PhoneWords works fine. However, its interface window is a bit large and is a tad wasteful with its territory. Its primary shortcoming is the numbers it generates aren’t delimited; entering “1800company” generates a hard-to-parse “18002667269” rather than “1 (800) 266-7269”. Of course, different countries have different standards for delimiting, but PhoneWord could start with the North American standard and expand from there. The final, very minor annoyance is the app seems as if it was coded in a crazy-slow programming language because it actually takes about 1.5 seconds to decode a simple phoneword on a 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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