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Current Version: 3.3.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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PersonalBusiness is a software solution for managing personal and family affairs.

PersonalBusiness helps and simplifies everyday life: manages the family budget, stores (and retrieves) documents - receipts, warranties - manages car costs,- is an address book, capable to email newsletters - also in html - executes complex financial calculations and much more!

PersonalBusiness allows you to manage an address book with contact information, with the ability to print labels and envelopes and to write and send letters, faxes and emails, including bulk emails also in HTML.

Management of household income and expenditure, with the help of graphs, statistics, forecasting and budget balances can be done in any currency. It can print on preprinted checks.

You can store all the securities in your possession, each with a record of purchases, sales, price changes, obtaining a graph with their progress.

Valuable for archiving textual information of any kind: things to do, notes, recipes; you can store files and documents - also scanned - (prescriptions, clinical examination, receipts, guarantees) and allows you to find them in a simple and intuitive way.

You can store data about your fleet of vehicles, keeping under control all costs. It allows you to compare features of various car models for evaluating a purchase.

It keeps track of your performance in sports of any kind, showing times, distances, calculating BMI and much more.

Ideal to enter appointments and schedule daily, weekly, monthly and annual events: easy to print deadlines for a week or a month.

Organize and store your music in a dynamic and immediate mode. You will always know where all your CDs are.

Organize and store your movies, keep track of titles, directors, actors, genre, etc. as well as your comments. Search is fast and intuitive.

Indispensable tool for organizing your library: catalog your books by author, by gender and mark awarded, as well as those you have loaned.

Store addresses, usernames and passwords from your favorite websites: allows you to search by various criteria, the "Visit" button will take you immediately to the web site.

Make financial calculations of all types with calculation of the interest rate being applied, the present and future value of loans or capital invested.


Release Notes:

* Mail
Added new label formats (2x7, 2x10, 3x10) that can be printed on US Letter page format.

* Revenue & Expenditures
Checks: new fields in the input form allow to enter the details of drawn checks. A button allows to print data on preprinted checks. Position and format of the data to be printed can be customize.
In the search dialog box, the "Future" checkbox has been replaced with a pop-up menu containing the items "Yes" and "No". New criteria added to search for checks.
In the input form, the description field has been enlarged and now grows automatically when you resize the window.

* Preferences
New option field "Address format" added to the Address Book & Mail Panel panel of the Preferences window. It allows to customize the addresses that are printed on labels, letters, faxes, circulars, envelopes, in particular the position of the items with respect to the other.
Added the "Show in Finder" button that allows to automatically open in the Finder the folder of the working environment of the application (the one containing the data file and the support files and folder).

* Misc
Change working environment: new item in the File menu that allows to create a new working environment or to open another .4DD data file.
Now it's possible to import .csv files.