Periodic Table Chemistry

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A fantastic Periodic Table on all your Apple devices.
Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

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Periodic Table Chemistry is for you, for geeks, for nerds, for science lovers, for chemists and mad geniuses. We believe that the New Apple TV and Apple Watch will be a great tool for science and education. Dmitri Mendeleev's a genius who created the best invention for chemical science: the periodic table. This great masterpiece of this genius is now available on Apple TV and Apple Watch, in addition to the classic devices: Mac, iPhone and iPad. Chemistry is everywhere!

Making Chemistry easier:

Periodic Table
· Atomic Number.
· Atomic Mass.
· Valence.
· Oxidation States.
· Electronegativity.
· Density.
· Melting Point.
· Boiling Point.

Focus Mode
· Normal.
· Radioactive.
· Atomic Radius.
· Ion Radius.
· Electron Affinity.
· Polyatomic Ions.
· Acid Oxides.
· Base Oxides.
· Amphoteric Oxides.
· Alkaline Metals.
· Earth Metals.
· Transition Metals.
· Basic Metals.
· Metalloids.
· Nonmetals.
· Halogens.
· Noble Gas.
· Lanthanide.
· Actinide.

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Release Notes:

+ New Blur View Mode.


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.3.1
Review by Bevo67

Great! - I’ll echo the previous reviewer and request a highlight around selected element - other than that, its exactly what I’ve been looking for in a comprehensive reference.

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Version 3.3.1
Review by AlanTsar

Amazing - This is a very helpful source for general chemsity and beyond. This app makes it a lot easier to look up elements with its general information. Highly recomend for college studnets taking science courses. However, please fix once bug that causes the app to close everytime I click on Astatine. In gerneal great work and thank you for such a helpful source!

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