Paw (HTTP & REST Client)

Developer: Paw Inc.

Current Version: 2.3.4

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 4.7 MB - Download


Easily build your HTTP requests, send and inspect server responses. Setup HTTP headers, URL parameters, JSON, form URL-encoded, or multipart body. Organize your requests in collection files, and generate client code.

* Order and sort requests: organize requests in groups, or automatically group by host, HTTP method or status code.

* Code generation: instantly get your client code generated by Paw. We support popular languages such as Swift, Objective-C, Python, Ruby or PHP. Also, you can get or build more templates via Extensions.

* Dynamic Values make your requests smarter so you can compute OAuth 1 or 2 or Amazon S3 signatures, randomize strings, extract a value from a previous JSON, XML or form URL-encoded response. With the new Extensions, you can run JavaScript code in Paw to compute whatever value you need.

* Authentication: Paw has native support for HTTP Basic Auth, OAuth 1 & 2 and Amazon S3. Other authentication schemes can be implemented via Extensions.

* Environments: parametrize your requests with "environment variables" and switch between your preset environments to seamlessly make your variable take appropriate values. Ideal to setup production or test servers, or have multiple users profiles.

* Cookies & Sessions: cookies received from servers are persisted, and automatically sent back in the next requests. Use several Cookie Jars to keep multiple user sessions. Modify or delete cookies to tweak the requests, or completely disable cookie support.

* Extensions: write custom JavaScript code to make Paw even more flexible. Either you want to quickly write a quick-and-dirty script to compute a custom hash, or build a ready-to-use Dynamic Value to fit your proprietary authentication scheme and share it with your users, it won't take you long to learn how to build Paw Extensions. Extensions can be either Dynamic Values to add flexibility to your requests, Code Generators to generate client code or Importers to bring 3rd party data into your Paw Collections.

* Importers: import other file formats into Paw. We already support import from Postman, Advanced Rest Client, HAR, Swagger, cURL commands and thanks to the Apiary team, API Blueprint is also available.

* JSON Outline Viewer & Editor: edit requests or view responses in a beautiful integrated JSON editor.

* Warnings: Paw will never leave you alone! If you make something strange, it will warn you and often suggest a way to fix that issue (e.g if you send a body in a GET request, it will suggest to change it to POST).

* History: the requests you’ve sent along with the server responses are saved in the History, so you can access previous HTTP exchanges to compare with newer results.

* Completion: Paw has a rich database of preset HTTP headers to suggests, and remembers your previous custom entries. It also suggests the available Dynamic Values and Environment Variables.

* Accuracy: Paw has it’s own HTTP library that allows you to preview is exactly what is going to be sent, and what the server returns is exactly what you see. Headers are kept as is, in the same order, bodies can be seen as raw or even hexadecimal data.


Release Notes:


* Adds request timing in the Info tab (DNS resolution time, SSL handshake time, time to header, etc.)


* Adds "charset=utf-8" by default for text bodies
* Allows empty HTTP header values
* Fixes HTTP redirections with relative URLs leading to redirect loops
* Adds a "Get Debug Info" menu item to help us with debugging issues
* Fixes display of alert & file picker sheets from a popover
* Fixes issue with OAuth 2 when server returns a null refresh token
* Improves user flow by selecting the URL field by default
* Fixes Export Cmd+Shift+E shortcut
* Fixes a UI bug when using the horizontal split view mode
* Fixes export HTTP code when containing passwords
* Fixes issues with URL encoding
* Fixes crashes & beachballs


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.1.1
Review by Collin Allen

200 OK? 200 AWESOME. - “I really should buy Paw — it looks so nice. Ehh, I’ll make due with Postman. Or maybe RESTed today. Or HTTPie!” These are some of the conversations I occasionally had with myself in my head over the last year or so debating if I really should spend the $30 on Paw when there are some “good enough” competitors. After fighting with OAuth one day, I was frustrated. Vulnerable. Would buying Paw magically fix my woes? I decided to find out. At once, the clouds parted, the bits flowed like wine, HTTP requests were released like doves, and all was right with the world.

Found helpful by 20 out of 21 people
Version 2.1.1
Review by IpadLover80

Does not work even for simple requests - This application cannot retrive even the most simple get requests. I am getting always , Socket closed by remote peer, asking for simplest GET Urls.

Found helpful by 2 out of 38 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.3.4
Review by JustReviewingNow

Can’t do my job without it! - I literally can’t do my job, easily, without it. Yes, I know I can curl statement it through terminal and have in the past, but this application makes it a hell of a lot easier. You need it...

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 2.3.4
Review by shefys

great client with missing gzip support - Great client - I wish to give it 5 starts but it will only happen when it gets support for GZIP compression/decompression.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people