Password Manager

Developer: Langford Services

Current Version: 1.2.6

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Password Manager is a fully featured, strongly encrypted application for storing those logon and password details that we all seem to need in the online world.

The features provided by Password Manager are:

Strong encryption using Apple's Cryptography functions.

Elimination of all communication software from the application to ensure there is no risk of password details being sent over an internet connection.

There are no "hooks" of any sort between Password Manager and any other application. This means that there is no risk of another program compromising the security of the passwords protected by Password Manager.

Security features to automatically or manually hide password details with an optional requirement to enter the Master Password before redisplaying the password details.

A dictionary of password phrases that can be randomly assembled into over 12 billion different passwords. These passwords can either be used unaltered as a new password for one of your sites. Alternative you can modify the suggested password to make it even more unique.

The ability to create multiple password files.

Copy and Paste functions that will copy a URL, User-Id or Password to the system clipboard for pasting into a browser or other application that needs user-id and password details.

An Import options using a comma delimited text file to add passwords into Password Manager.

An Export option to create a comma delimited text file of passwords maintained by Password Manager.

A two way search function that will show password details for sites beginning with the entered characters or containing those characters.

The ultimate in eye-candy: a security feature that will hide all password details shown on a Password Manager screen and replace them with your favorite image!

A simple and elegant screen display of passwords managed by Password Manager.


Release Notes:

This is a minor stability and usability improvement release that contains the following changes and features:

1. A new command has been provided in the View menu that will obscure and hide individual passwords in the Details panel.
2. Minor usability and stability enhancements.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2.0
Review by Cptkrf

Works really well. - An option is needed to force the app to hide or unload after a certain amount of time. On occasion, I will sit down in a coffee shop, open the clamshell,and suddenly realise that I didn't close the app from the last usage and it is still sitting there available for anyone to read or dump. Other than that, it is really handy with the copy and paste function for passwords and I am now using gigantic strings of obscure passwords on all my sites. ----------------- Update for version 1.2.0 Hey, the developers even respond to suggestions! How unusual is that? The problem of leaving your PW manager open on your laptop to be stolen is fixed. That was the only criticism I had for this app. However, since I began using it to maintain huge strings of uncrackable passwords, I have found other uses for it. One being to keep my credit card number so it can be used on line while leaving the real card safely at home. And for storing seldom used but vital information like pin numbers, lock combinations and other app registration numbers. Even health ID numbers and insurance IDs that might (hopefully not) be needed on the road. (You don't really carry those actual cards on you, I hope.) Great app, and cheap at a lot higher price. Don't forget to back up the file to a safe place now and again. --------------- Another need that has come to light is an option for passwords to show asterisks instead of plain text. It is amazing how many shoulder surfers you can run into in a public area. No matter how fast you are, there is a finite time between clicking on the Site Name, then the Copy Password, then Hide. It is very uncomfortable thinking that your online bank ID and Password are on full display for someone's cell phone video camera - or even that person's good memory.

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people