Password Creator

Developer: Tension Software

Current Version: 1.4

Last Updated: 9 months ago

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Password Creator lets you create random passwords.
It allows to create a single password or a long list , up to 500000 (half million) of passwords, in a single click, inside an internal table, ready to be saved on disk as text

It allows to create different kind of passwords:
• Numeric
• Alpha only lowercase
• Alpha only uppercase
• Alpha only any-case
• Alphanumeric only lowercase
• Alphanumeric only uppercase
• Alphanumeric only any-case
• Numeric only
• Hexadecimal (to be used in WEP encrypted wireless modem)
• Alphanumeric lowercase with punctuation
• Alphanumeric uppercase with punctuation
• Alphanumeric any-case with punctuation
• Readable lowercase
• Readable uppercase

- You can select the length of the password and it is created live while you select the options
- Strength of the created password is visualized in a graphic way
- Password can be shown or maintained hidden inside the window

- You can generate not only just one password in one shot, but also thousands of them with a single click, and save them on disk in a text file.
- Password Creator can be used in that way also as a random data generator, with output importable by any other software that can read text data from disk
- Optional Disambiguator: avoids use of custom specified chars similar to others
- When creating a list of password, optional 'avoid duplicates'
- Sort and save on disk passwords, alphabetically or by creation
- Can export to disk data to be imported by any app

Password Creator includes a standard PDF user guide

Optimized for macOS 10.12 Sierra


Release Notes:

• Readable lowercase password option
• Readable uppercase password option
• Optimized for macOS 10.12 Sierra


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by sfo2nrt

Nicely crafted single-purpose app - Password Creator is a great example of a thoughtfully crafted, single-purpose and "just right" application. I needed something to quickly generate a bunch of random tokens for a project I was working on and this app exactly fit the bill. I appreciated the app's ability to generate up to 999 unique variations, the editable disambiguation list - I didn't want tokens with the number 1 or upper-case I for example - and being able to export the list to a text file to quickly integrate the results into my workflow. If you need to be able to generate secure passwords for your many website logins, or if your needs are a little more "industrial strength" like mine, this app is a real gem. The only feature enhancement one might want is an option to generate so-called "pronounceable" passwords - e.g. "dog8top4bean" - that contain random dictionary words to make passwords that are easier to memorize. A solid and well thought out app that's absolutely worth the modest asking price.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.0
Review by Zim500

Lacks vital functions - Limited to max 10000 phrases in output, output cannot be sorted in order, instead its all generated into a random pile. paid 1.99. With the limitations implemented i wish it had a refund…. look elsewhere for something more complete.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people