Developer: Bitten Apps

Current Version: 1.1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Note: There is currently a bug where the app fails to launch on systems running OS X 10.6. A fix will be up shortly. The app works just great on 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Ever wanted to have an interface for iTunes that could be acessible by anyone you wanted for a party, server, ...?

Now you can have it.

PartyTunes is a fully-featured web interface for iTunes, that even extends iTunes supporting features like queue, user management, ...

Everyone you allow access in can add songs and albums to a shared queue, that will be played by order of addition, but only you and certain people you allow can moderate the server by removing songs from the queue, skipping songs, repeating, ... It's the best way to throw a party where guests can choose what they want to hear or launch a web radio!

Did we say that users can connect to the server using anything they want, from phones to computers?

- iTunes Web Interface;
- User Manager;
- Message of the day;
- Manage everything related to iTunes from your web browser;
- Allow guests to manage your server... with limited access;
- Two themes to choose from;
- Lightweight;
- Easy to use...
- And backed by an awesome customer support!


Release Notes:

- Fixed a bug where the User Manager would sometimes mess itself up under certain circumstances.


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1.1
Review by betaboy78

Could be great, but still okay - I have a regular poker game with my buddies, and I was looking for a way to let everyone pick some songs to listen to while we played. I came across this app and gave it a shot. After I installed it I tried to access my library via my iPhone - no luck. I could access the library on my local machine, but not on any other device on the network. I went to their help site, but the informaiton there was lacking so I reached out to their tech support. After a few emails, we figured out the problem - was going to localhost:7777 on my other devices, rather than going to the IP address of my computer. Once I typed in the inetwork IP for my iMac and then went to port 7777 (192.168.x.xx:7777) I could access my tunes. The interface is simple and effective. The only issue I have is that my large library (over 30,000 tracks) crashes the web app when someone wants to browse albus or artists. If they just relegate themselves to the generic search field (like just typing in ‘New Order’, ‘Rolling Stones’, etc.), then the app works fine. When it locked up, I would just force quit it on my iMac and restart it. The playlist kept going, even with a restart, and everyone’s choices were still there. Annoying, but if you can convince your guests to just use the search field, that helps. The host can delete songs on the playlist, but I couldn’t get the shuffle option to work for some reason. I’d prefer that, but again, not a deal breaker. Also, an option to move songs on the playlist would be helpful. All in all, not a bad program (even has the potential to be great), but there is definitely room for improvement. For $5 it’s nearly worth it, but $2-3 would be more reasonable until they fix the issues mentioned.

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Version 1.1.1
Review by nicthetoolman

Fell Short, but keep trying then come back with it. - Program emmediatly failed and failed to open. Contacted support, they sent a different version, failed to open many more times. When finally opened, set all setting and went to web. Was not able to log in as guest, but did so as user. Now playing any kind of music, well this is a joke all it ever does is put the songs in a que but still can't play then program becomes un-responsive "red ball". Never with this computer. 10.6.8 The look of it is really plain, no color just grey and white, ugly fonts and sure has there logo everywhere. P.S. Also its opens itunes and has to stay runnig. Could be good, but whoever went cheap with no sence of design, graphic nor gooey.... To bad.

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