Parallels Transporter

Developer: Parallels International GmbH

Current Version: 7.0.14944

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 157.7 MB - Download


Use your Windows documents, pictures, music, downloads, and Internet bookmarks on your Mac without installing Windows. Parallels Transporter for App Store is all new!

Parallels Transporter allows you to copy documents, pictures, music, videos, downloads, and Internet bookmarks from a Windows computer to your Mac.

Parallels Transporter also migrates your Windows applications. You can continue to use these migrated Windows applications with Parallels Desktop (purchased separately).

Parallels Transporter lets you:
- Access your documents created in Windows right on your Mac.
- Find all your files from your PC in the proper folders on your Mac.
- Use all of your Windows browser bookmarks in Safari (or any other Mac browser) on your Mac.


- Simplified the connection to the Windows computer using a passcode
- Copy only portions of the Windows computer
- New "black style" design


To move using a network:
- Make sure that your Mac and PC are connected to the same network.
- On the PC, install Parallels Transporter Agent which can be downloaded from here
- On your Mac, click Parallels Transporter icon in the Dock or open it from the Applications folder.
- Follow the instructions in Parallels Transporter to complete the transfer.

To move using an external storage device:
- Connect the external storage device to your PC.
- Install and open Parallels Transporter Agent, which can be downloaded from here, on the PC.
- On your Mac, click the Parallels Transporter icon in the Dock or open it from the Applications folder.
- Follow the instructions in Parallels Transporter to complete the transfer.

IMPORTANT: Before using Parallels Transporter it is recommended that you disable the Windows firewall on your PC. You can enable it later when the transfer is complete.


- This version allows you to transfer data from Windows computers only.
- Parallels Transporter transfers Windows applications to a virtual machine that can be used with Parallels Desktop (sold separately).


- Requires an Intel-based Mac with Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.8 or later or Lion v10.7 or later, 1 GB of memory or more, and about 150 MB of free space.
- There must be enough disk space on the Mac to store the data you are going to transfer.
- Requires a network or an external storage device.
- Requires Parallels Transporter Agent on the source PC. It can be downloaded here.


Release Notes:

Simpler and faster network migration with passcode authentication.
If you have already migrated your documents using Migration Assistant for Lion or in any other way, you can transfer Windows and all programs to your Mac, for later use with Parallels Desktop.
Migrate Windows data from selected volumes only.
Enjoy your migration experience with a new look and feel.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by OregonDuck!

OMG this simply moved my PC files to my Mac and it did all the work for me - Parallels Transporter was amazing. I had been putting off figuring out how to move everything I need on my old PC to my Mac. I read about this app and thought it would be a much better solution than buying an external hard drive and spending a weekend trying to move everything myself. Parallels was simple and did all fo the work for me. I didn't have to mess with external hard drives or cables because it used my wireless network to move everything between my old PC and my Mac. It saved me from hours of frustration. I was plesantly surprised to discover my photos, documents a even my browser bookmarks were automatically moved to my Mac and in the right places. I love finally having everything I need on my Mac and being able to get rid of my old PC.

Found helpful by 26 out of 35 people
Version 0
Review by thechadman17

Terrible Customer Service from Parallels - Simply put the software does not work. Will not connect may it be through cable or wireless, what a waste of $9.99. Tried for a refund directly from the Parallels site and got the run around, and I quote "Despite it being our product, because you purchased it through the mac app store, we are not able to process a refund because we do not have access to any financial statements from Apple and our purchasing department." She goes on to further say, "I should amend that previous statement in that, while we do have access to the statements and the purchases for profit reasons, we do not have access for refunds." Thanks again customer service. Go download xnjb.

Found helpful by 72 out of 87 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 7.0.14944
Review by Unitic

Paralells superior to VMWare - I am mystified how the previoius reviewers could rate Parallels so low. I used VMWare for over a year, and had so much trouble with the program, and with tech support, I tried Parallels. Bingo! Installed easily and perfectly. It is much easier, at least for me, to use, and is stable, and works well. When I had questions, I contacted Parallels support and they were quick to help me, efficient in their work, and perfomed professionally. I'm glad I bought Parallels, and am now installing it on another computer.

Found helpful by 17 out of 21 people